Monday, May 30, 2011

Needs more FXRT!!

Slacking on the motorcycle posts recently.
I met Tom at the AMCA meet. Told him I was looking for FXR and FXRT parts.
He said he had a set of bags for sale.

Tom sent me this pic of his FXRT before he removed the fairing and bags.
I wanted to buy the bags, but he sprayed them with bed liner and still wants ebay price
for them.

Roadside you are the MAN!!!!!!

Roadside heard I was looking for guages for my '82 FXR build.
So he went digging through his stash for me.
He dropped them off at Ian's last month while he was up in SC.

I was able to pick them up last week.
Damn these are nice.
From one FXR junkie to another "Thanks man!"
I couldn't take the bags with me on the bike.
Double "Thanks again."
Let me know if you need anything.
Thanks to Ian for holding on to this stuff.

FXRT, Ian's, and the storm.

With my truck in the shop, I took my '92 FXRS and hit the raod for work.
I stopped in and stayed with Ian and Monica for a night.
Ian was working on Moe's Road King and had to go to Hawg Wild to
pick up a part.
Look what was there!!!!!!

1983 FXRT Black with Gold pin stripe.

We left before my pants got tight.

While working at night the storms rolled in. By morning they were gone.
They left behind some reminders of mother natures fury.

So, I got to ride a few hundred miles, see friends, see an FXRT, and have a few laughs.
And get some work done.
It was good to see Ian and Monica along with their fuzzy bunch.
Good Times.
See you guys again soon I hope.

Bald Bobs new build.

Kevin sent me this pic of Bobs new build.

Nice job Bob.
You going to sell this one as fast as you did the last one?

Why Dustin won't lend me anything!!!

Dustin gave me the rims for his Triumph to true last year. A week later I was on the road for 6 months.
It took awhile for me to get them back to him.
It was his grill I borrowed at the Steel in Motion show.
Monday I came home parked my truck and went up stairs.
My neighbor came running up and told me my truck had rolled back into the wall.

BBQ grill in bed of truck and truck against wall.
She wouldn't start.


Right side looks good.

Left side no so much.
I was supposed to get the grill back by Wed. I called Dustin and told him it may be a little longer.
A little over $900 and the trans indicator was fixed as were the parking brakes.
Bumper is $600 to fix and will have to wait.
We did get the grill back to the shop on Monday.
Thanks Mike.

Myrtle Beach Gun Shop and Museum.

Knowing that I am a nut about old firearms, Rusty told me about a Gun shop that has a Civil War Museum/Collection.

Pin fire, percussion, and a few old flint locks.


North Uniforms.

South Uniforms.

Recovered tools from a Confederate ship yard.

Galley stove from a scuttled Confederate ship.

It's a small private collection, but worth the $4 entry fee.
The Shop has a nice collection of WW2 fire arms on display.
If your in the Myrtle Beach area check it out.

Myrtle Beach.

I had to work in Myrtle Beach during Bike Week.
I really don't care for Myrtle Beach and I hate Bike Week there.
Lucky for me Rusty and Meggen live there now.
They let me crash at their place.
We hung out while I was there cooking out, working on bikes, shooting the shit, and
having a good time.

Rusty's softail today. Simple and clean.
Right on!

Here's what it used to look like.

Oscar, pissed about being in the kitchen and not being able to open the fridge.

It was good to catch up with Rusty and Meggen.
I haven't seen them since they moved.
Good Times.

Bill in Florida.

While we were at the track Bill sent us a few pics of what he was up to.

Belated B-day Bud and Conch Fritters at the Two Georges.

Fat and happy in the sun.
Nice vintage shirt you got there brother.

Steel in Motion #3

Where are you going to see two cars like this drag racing today?

One bad ass modified VW Bug.

Geargoyles Caddy. Fucking slick!

Fun is what it's all about.

Cool looking VW Van that was slow as fuck.
Grandma in the electric wheelchair would have beat this one.

Matt shifting while Levi (El Burrito) driving.
They beat the pants off that Gasser.

Making another fun run. Note the Gasser in the back ground.
He didn't want to play anymore.
Ha HA!! Nelson style.

Thanks to the Geargoyles CC for putting on a great event.
Thanks to the Iron Lords CC for lending us their grill when ours broke.
Thanks to the Leaner's CC for letting us use their grill when we couldn't find any charcoal.

Can't wait to do it again!!!!

Steel in Motion #2

Gassers waiting to run.

K's pick of the show. I think she has a thing for green cars.
She also likes Mike's 53 Ford.

One bitchin hauler.

My pick of the show.

One clean interior.

Close second for me. Pin stripe flames kill it.

There were too many cool trucks around.

Damn I was getting the dumb ass idea that I should get a truck.
Hey! Ron, how much do you want for that Dodge?
Never mind reality has set in for me.

Steel in Motion! PT 1

Headed out to Shadyside Dragway for Steel in Motion show put on by the
Geargoyles CC.
Kristen and I hung out with Matt, Levi, and Jay for most of the day.
Matt had just finished the 100hp shot of NOS on the '28.

There was a good turn out for the event.
A ton of cool cars and trucks.

Some of the Iron Lords CC members racing for bragging rights.


Truck from begining to end. #1

Side view #2

Trailer view #3
Guy in the orange shirt is the owner/driver.

Fucking ouch #4

K jumped into Matts rod while they cleaned the track.
"How the fuck do you fit in here?"
She favors the sleds and trucks.

AMCA meet.

The AMCA held another meet at the Denton Farm Park.
I forgot my camera, but was able to get a few blurry picks before the rain
caused a bunch of the vendors to run off.

Pan choppers with farm equipment.

I wish I had more pics of this one. Tank, frame, fenders all molded.
It was sick!

My pick of the show. Black with Gold pin stripe.
Just classic.

I did score a few more FXR books.

Next time I need to get there on Friday.

A soldier comes home.

Presentation in Honor of Donnie Shue

Donnie Shue, who grew up in Concord, was a soldier who went missing in action in Vietnam. Shue's remains were recently located in Laos after missing since 1969. His remains were flown from Laos to Pearl Harbor then to Charlotte. On April 30th starting at the Charlotte airport his remains were escorted by the Patriot Guard, Vietnam Vets MC, and many other clubs and riders to Concord. There was a small ceremony in Concord, then they proceeded to escort the remains to the funeral home in Kannapolis.
There was an estimated 1,000 riders in the procession. The local Lions club put Flags out along the route. When the bikes started rolling down Union St. were I was located it was deafening. Locals wandered out to the street holding American flags, some placed their hands over there hearts, some saluted, a few had tears in their eyes. The Red Cross did a great job handing out water bottles to the riders.

When the line of bikes came to a stop. I went and offered the use of my apartment bathroom to those that needed it.

Those who did not go to the ceramony followed me to my apartment.

Long John with his Blue bagger. He sold Old Blue the next week.

What started out as 5 friends turned into about 30 people. The line for the bathroom went out my
front door and down the hall. They drank all my soda, beer, and a bunch of water.

After the bladders were empty, beverages consumed, hugs and Thank yous were exchanged,
it was time to roll on to the funeral home.
John, Jammer, Rick, Jeff, Bill, Jackie, and many others from the Mt. Holly/Gastonia crew were there.

Small town America shows how a fallen solider should be brought home.

Welcome Home and Rest in Peace Donnie Shue