Monday, May 30, 2011

FXRT, Ian's, and the storm.

With my truck in the shop, I took my '92 FXRS and hit the raod for work.
I stopped in and stayed with Ian and Monica for a night.
Ian was working on Moe's Road King and had to go to Hawg Wild to
pick up a part.
Look what was there!!!!!!

1983 FXRT Black with Gold pin stripe.

We left before my pants got tight.

While working at night the storms rolled in. By morning they were gone.
They left behind some reminders of mother natures fury.

So, I got to ride a few hundred miles, see friends, see an FXRT, and have a few laughs.
And get some work done.
It was good to see Ian and Monica along with their fuzzy bunch.
Good Times.
See you guys again soon I hope.

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