Monday, May 2, 2011

Revenge Run II Friday Pt. 1

Thursday night after getting lost several times we made it back to the hotel.
Kevin's bike was having a hard time starting and running at low rpm's.
A new set of plugs fixed it.
Then he heard a nasty sound coming from the primary. The primary
chain shoe was almost cut in half and the chain was slapping like crazy.

We made it to the dealership, pulled the primary off, removed the melted nylon that was
the old shoe and installed a new one made for a twin cam.
It worked (kind of).

Down the road we went at the end of a slow pack of bikes.

Due to the small fuel tanks of some bikes, the pack was stopping every 30 miles.
We decided to wait for the pack to leave. Then blast past them and stop every 60 miles.
We would be at the lunch stop first and be rested by the time the pack arrived.
No Problem. Right?

Waiting for the draw bridge.

Kevin says the bike is G2G!

Mike confident that we will soon be at the restaurant
and way ahead of schedule.

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