Monday, May 30, 2011

A soldier comes home.

Presentation in Honor of Donnie Shue

Donnie Shue, who grew up in Concord, was a soldier who went missing in action in Vietnam. Shue's remains were recently located in Laos after missing since 1969. His remains were flown from Laos to Pearl Harbor then to Charlotte. On April 30th starting at the Charlotte airport his remains were escorted by the Patriot Guard, Vietnam Vets MC, and many other clubs and riders to Concord. There was a small ceremony in Concord, then they proceeded to escort the remains to the funeral home in Kannapolis.
There was an estimated 1,000 riders in the procession. The local Lions club put Flags out along the route. When the bikes started rolling down Union St. were I was located it was deafening. Locals wandered out to the street holding American flags, some placed their hands over there hearts, some saluted, a few had tears in their eyes. The Red Cross did a great job handing out water bottles to the riders.

When the line of bikes came to a stop. I went and offered the use of my apartment bathroom to those that needed it.

Those who did not go to the ceramony followed me to my apartment.

Long John with his Blue bagger. He sold Old Blue the next week.

What started out as 5 friends turned into about 30 people. The line for the bathroom went out my
front door and down the hall. They drank all my soda, beer, and a bunch of water.

After the bladders were empty, beverages consumed, hugs and Thank yous were exchanged,
it was time to roll on to the funeral home.
John, Jammer, Rick, Jeff, Bill, Jackie, and many others from the Mt. Holly/Gastonia crew were there.

Small town America shows how a fallen solider should be brought home.

Welcome Home and Rest in Peace Donnie Shue

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