Monday, January 9, 2012

Found this on ScooterMcRad's Blog

There's No Place Like Here: Liberty Tool from Etsy on Vimeo.

Traded in two wheels for four hooves.

Went for a ride in the woods this weekend.

John looking like a freedom fighter, all he needs is a old Soviet
bolt action rifle slung over his shoulder.

Kristen, wanted to make friends with Misty after the ride.

It worked. Treats for Misty.

Although it was fun, I'm not ready to trade in my bikes for a horse.
No handle bars, stinky exhaust, and a long drop if you fall off.

More ink from Florida.

Joe checks in with a new tat for his kids.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

I have a lot of time on my hands these days.

Getting laid off in November, then getting a cold that doesn't want to go away, has
given me a lot of time to do very little. Hence the reading I have been doing lately.
It also has given me some time to redo my resume several times.

I have had a few interviews in the last week.
The jobs involve working on something a little different for me.

The good thing is that it won't involve the general public.

A few more shops have asked for my resume as well. Apparently,
people are talking and a few might be interested in my mechanical
background. I hope one of these jobs comes through.
It might make for an interesting year and a few interesting posts.

Yep, More reading material.

Written by George Wethern, a former VP of the HA Oakland Chapter
and Vincent Colnett.
If your looking for something current with the headlines and Discovery channel programs
you see on the club today, then pass on this book.
This one starts in the late 50's and goes into the early 70's.

Written around the time when guys like
Terry the Tramp, Johnny Angel, Magoo, Mouldy Marvin, Cisco, and Sonny Barger
were just starting out on their long voyage through drugs, sex, violence, jail, brotherhood,
and death. This one was hard for me to put down at times.
I don't know how much of it is real or how much is fake.
Written by one who eventually snitched on his brothers, it could be all
of one or the other.
This one I recommend highly. I am going to put it in my collection to reread again.

Friday, January 6, 2012

A book about the Pagans MC written by a guy who was never a member?

Not much about the club
and more about a kid growing up in the ghetto, doing drugs, and going hungry.
This one failed to deliver.

If you are bored and need something to read,
borrow it, steal it, or get it real cheap.
Not one I would recommend.

More reading material.

This is the third book of barn finds by Tom Cotter and the first one about motorcycles.

Harlreys buried in a mud slide, Vincent's in Vietnam,
Indains in sheds, this book has it all.
This one I recommend.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Kevin has been in his lab again.
Using night vision goggle boxes for saddle bags.

He says " I don't own an FXRT, so I have to make my FXRK."
Gotcha!! Nice job!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Barn Find reading.

What gear head doesn't dream of finding a ultra cool or rare, car, motorcycle, truck, or whatever hiding in a long forgotten garage or barn?

"The Hemi in the Barn" is Tom Cotters follow up to "Cobra in the Barn".
Filled with great stories and pictures of old cars and how they were discovered.
Tom even threw in a few tips at the end of the book for finding your own "Barn Find".
I recommend this one for all motor enthusiasts.

Ron, as soon as I get the Cobra in the Barn book back from Kevin, I'll get it to you.

The new book from Rawles.

After reading Patriots a few years ago, I was really looking forward to reading the new book from James Wesly Rawles, titled "Survivors".

Kevin lent me this one as well. (The Bowl Sprayers Book Club is alive and well.)
Taking place after "The Crunch", this one follows the same time period as his previous book "Patriots".
There were a lot of similarities between the two books. Ultra light aircraft, silver coins as money, gangs, guns, short wave radios, etc... I was a little disappointed in this one. If you like end of the world style books this may be up you alley.

Fred Bear.

"I remember Papa Bear" by Dick Lattimer.
Fred Bear is to archery as Sam Colt is to pistols, or
Carol Shelby is to Mustang, or Richard Petty is to NASCAR, or
well you get the idea.
Focusing more on his business and less about Fred's Personal life.
I enjoyed this one.
From a part time business to a manufacturer and world wide distributor of archery equipment, this book covers his hunts, promotions, patents, clubs, associations, taxes, conservation efforts, unions, moving the company, and even has a chapter about NASA.
Fred thought outside the box and was always looking forward. He was a mentor, friend, and father figure to many who knew him. Ted Nugent fell into this category and wrote about Fred in his books as well as producing a song about Fred after his death.
"I remember Papa Bear" will go into my collection of books to keep and reread.

Santa gave me a cold for Christmas!!

I woke up around 3:30am on Christmas day feeling worn out.
Runny nose, burning eyes, sick as hell!!
It's been a week of rest and meds. I still not 100 percent but
I am feeling better.

With all that time and nothing to do but lay in bed, I got a bunch of reading done.
Kevin lent me "The Zombie survival guide" by Max Brooks.
Not a bad read. I have a few other survival books/manuals in my collection of books and this one follows along the same lines as those, but with a Zombie twist. There is lots of info on threat levels, safety, food, weapons, defence, and more. If you need to prepare for the upcoming zombie war, then get this book.