Monday, August 30, 2010

Mercury Truck

I had no idea that they made trucks.

Cool shit.

Sanford and son?

Damn dude!

I think there is more room under the truck to throw more shit.


I don't know shit about them.

I do want one when I get a house with property.

Food Lion Auto Fair

First time in years I have been to this show. Matt and the guys were out there, so I stopped by. Saw him, Jay, Bob, and Mark B. It was good to catch up for a few. Last time I saw them was July 4th.
Anyway the show is the same as before.
Old men in Hawaiian shirts with $75,000 plus cars.Followed by guys with mullets and Firebirds with more #3 shit than should be allowed. Then young dudes with more money in tattoos and pomade than in there car who think they started this shit.
Still it was a good time and there were some cool rides.
Like this.

Some day! Some day soon, I will have one.

Carolina Harley Davidson

Closing the doors.It kind of sucks. Friends will loose their jobs. No more discounts. No more used parts stash.

I went by Saturday morning to see if I could get a front end from the used parts stash in back. No luck. Someone had offered them a butt load of cash for it and they were loading it up when I got there. I poked around for a little bit and took off. Lots of memories in that building. Hate to see it go.
Time to move on.

It never ends.

I always seen to have some sort of project going on. Dustin just got back from the Speed Trials at Bonneville. He is going to put a Triumph bike together for next year. My dumb ass says "No Problem" when he asks if I can true the wheels.

I'm getting ready to go on a 9 week run for work, 6 days a week. So between laundry loads, I get to true wheels. The rear is done. The front is giving me problems. I hate wheels with an offset.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Rusty's sporty.

Rusty finished this sporty up a little while ago. Jimmy helped do the fab work. Anyway this was the first time I got to see it. Came out nice (if he would paint the back fender.

He sold the shovelhead he took to the Smokeout.

Hey kids, it's Jimmy Bortles.

Jimmy has built custom bikes at Cycle Sorcery, Carolina HD, and a bunch of shops in Florida.Now he is working out of his home. A bunch of people have taken credit for bikes Jimmy has built. He does great fab work and never gets the credit.

I was at Rusty's working on a springer for him, when Jimmy rode up. He shot the shit for a few minutes and hit the road. The bike he is riding is for sale.

It's been a werid the last two weeks.

All of a sudden Rusty and Meggen moved to the beach. Jimmy was back in the hospital. The starter went out on my truck. And then this....

Due to the intense heat combined with an old plastic rack. Crash!!!!! The good news is, the wheels I am working on didn't get hit by any of the falling debris.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hey Bacon!!

Find out who this chick is.

I know your tight with Chopper Dave and the kissing Sinners. She might fit in my saddle bag on the way back.

Can you guess what is wrong with this picture?

Spotted at Hyatts in Charlotte, NC.

Looks like they are ripping customers off. I won't go there again!

The BIG 10 for ya.

The 10 Commandments of Zombie Survival
1. Destroy the brain, destroy the brain, destroy the brain.
2. Don't burn them to kill them, it'll just make them smell bad.
3. Rescue will never come, they're too busy trying to not die, so should you be.
4. Go nowhere without a weapon, a light, and a buddy.
5. Guns may need reloading, but they keep you decidedly outside the bite range.
6. Trust no one, help who you can, try to get along.
7. Light and fast beats armored and slow, unless that armor is a tank.
8. Avoid tall grass, murky water, and enclosed spaces.
9. Zombies are patient and determined, so should you.
10. Don't ever, ever, be 'that guy/gal'.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Thanks BMMW for the warning.