Monday, January 31, 2011

62 Nova - Final Chapter - For Now

Off the jack stands and for the first time in a few years!

Fenders, hood, headlight buckets, bumper, and bumper trim installed.
Grill and headlights ready to go on.

Less than eight hours later, this is how we left her.
Bill looked emotionally drained at this point.
I think Kevin and I wore him out a little.
He was real quite, just staring at his project.
Been there brother. I do know how you feel!

We had a good time and made a little progress.
We still had to load up my tool box, Bills bike and some other stuff.
Then unload it at my storage unit.
A BIG "Thanks" to Kevin for all his help!

We were not trying to get the car back together and run her.
Only back together to move her.

Mission accomplished.

The 62 Chevy Nova - Part 3

Motor and transmission in and bolted up.
Wheels on and aired up.
Hood hinge and a bunch of other miscellaneous shit on and hooked up.

Bill hooking up the drive shaft.

Ready to come off the jack stands.

The 62 Nova - PART 2

Bill admits that he is a body and paint man.
Me? I like motors. I can't stand body work!!!!!
Bill had taken the motor apart. I wish he hadn't.
(Sorry Bill)
It was like a NHRA crew between rounds.
I think Kevin and I made Bill a little crazy.
Asking him where shit was every 5 minutes.
I didn't take a picture of the motor before.
It was a bare block with the crank and main caps in it.

Around an hour later we had a motor. It won't run without a rebuild.
It is easier to move it all together.

Time for the engine hoist.

The 1962 Chevy Nova - PART 1

History of the Nova:
Our father purchased the car new in 1962. It was his first NEW car.
It was driven from Washington DC to New York, while dad courted mom.
Mom learned to drive in it.
It hasn't run since 1985.
It was given to Bill in 2000.
Bill tore it apart to check damage for the future restoration.
Economy caused restoration to be put on hold.
Bill is moving back to Florida.
Car is eaiser to move in one piece.
Bill needed help.
Kevin and I make a trip on Saturday.

Bill asking Kevin " Can we get it rolling?"

The begining.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Zombie lower.

Too COOL!!!!!!
I may have to get one of these and build a dedicated Zombie gun.

Says it all.

Someone got a new project!!

It's NOT me!!!

How long before this gets going??

Just maybe it will be this week

Yesterday it was 6' to 7'.
Today it's 13' to 25'!!!

Eddie may go!!!!
Mikes buddy on the island says it looks good!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Front end fun.

Chrome covers suck!! They add weight, rattle, and usually look cheesy. They also hide damage and stupid modifications. Since I am waiting on parts to come in. I figured it was a good time to rebuild the front end.

More parts for the pile.

Some jack ass cut the headlight visor mounts off the top tree so they could install a chrome cover.

The lower tree is missing a fork stop and the other one is cracked and almost gone.
I think one has been sourced from the pile o' parts at Gear Head Cycles.
The neck bearings were almost dry, but still in good shape.
A 39mm front will be in future plans.