Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fuck Criminals!!!!!

I know it has been awhile. I have been busy with a sudden move. That's another story for later.

Today is a good day and I mean a GOOD DAY. We had a armed, 15 year old, female, criminal, wiped off the face of this earth a week ago. Good bye Scumbag!!! The parents wanted justice for their little girl. They claim that the Police did something wrong. Well the dash mounted video camera on the cop car tells a different story.

The Criminal in training had a gun, had robbed a store, was fleeing from the scene, and when confronted by the Police, she refused to drop her gun and then pointed it at them. BLAM!!! Drop the gun! She refused and points it again at the cops. BLAM!!!! Drop the gun!! Now on the ground she points the gun again. BLAM!!!! Problem over. Officer I say "Good on ya!!"

Criminal Dead, Property returned, Officer and community safe. Scumbags family has to pay for the funeral. NOT the tax payers. FUCK YEAH!!! Cops cleared, streets safe, dead SCUMBAG!! It is a GOOD DAY!

Now the parents claim it should not have happened. They are correct. It should not have happened, but the cops are not to blame here. The parents should have taught their daughter right from wrong, they should have taken an interest in her life, they turned away from their child when she need help, this criminal did not form overnight, they just didn't pay attention. Your daughter is dead because you fucked up and didn't care.

Their defence:

She was 15.--- A scumbag with a gun is dangerous at 5, 15, 25, 35 or 105 years old.

It was a BB Gun.---They look real these days. My buddy has one and until I held it in my hands I thought it was real. How is a cop going to tell from 10 feet away.

They didn't have to shoot her 3 times. ---- Your right once in the head would have worked. The cop shot her in the leg first. He was trying to give here a chance to give up before being exterminated. She was too stupid to know this.

Going after the Police instead of the Criminal is FUCKED UP!!! It is happening more and more. BULLSHIT!! I say.

Shooting more criminals is a better way to stimulate the economy.

Firearm and ammunition manufactures stay in business and have to hire more people.

Law Enforcement applications go up.

People ARE safer to go shopping and spend money.

Prisons thin out and the courts have fewer to prosecute.

Less burden on the tax payers.

Sounds good to me.

Judge out.