Monday, May 2, 2011

Revenge Run II Sat. Pt1

We lucked out and got tickets for the 10am ferry.

Ian letting Mike know that if he doesn't get the Pan started
he will leave him.
Gotta love those kick start bikes.

Waiting on the ferry.
I think that dude talking to Mike and Ian is a cop.

On the Ferry from Ocracoke to Cedar Island.

A few bikes on the left.

A few on the right.

We haven't gotten close to the dock yet, and these numb nuts fired up their bikes
and started reving their engines.

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  1. Hey "BRO" those guys in that last pic are REAL BIKERS and they are ready to ride damnit!!!! They know the brotherhood of the road muthafucka, maybe you should take a few lessons from them pal!!! Great pics, sorry I missed it as usual..RM