Monday, May 2, 2011

Revenge Run II Friday Pt3

Coast Guard cutter as seen from the seat of my FXR.

Ian, thinking about how to put that axe to good use.
We left the ferry headed to the camp grounds.
Ian riding beside me. I checked my mirror. Mike, Kevin, and John.
Then a few more headlights. Then more and more.
By the time we pulled into the campground Ian and I were at the head of
a huge pack of bikes.
Fucking cool was all I could say.
Wish I had a picture of it.
Evo's in the lead bitches!!!!

Get to the campground, find a spot, spray on bug spray, put up tent fast,
more bug spray, get beer and food, more bug spray, laugh at the families camping near by,
apply more bug spray, check out crabs and fire on beach, more bug spray, get in tent
as fast as possible, and sleep.

Nice camp grounds.
The mosquito's sucked.

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