Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Pinehurst Concours d'Elegance

 A friend told me a few months ago that she was working on a car show that was going to be in the same class as Pebble Beach and Amelia Island. I'll take two tickets was my response and I never though anymore about it. Imagine my surprise when she dropped two tickets and a parking pass off a few nights ago!

Check it out at Pinehurst Concourse

Should prove to be an interesting show.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Project Upates

After selling off his Sportster,
 Grease Monkey Mike picked up a new ride in TN.
He proceeded to set it up for touring. Pan and Shovel still in the garage at this time.
Then after selling the Shovelhead, another Sportster entered his stable.
 Bacon built this Knucklehead that has a 5 1/2" stroke and twin Electron carbs.
I started toying with the idea of four wheel project.

Texas Moto GP

Grease Monkey Mike and Buster made the journey to see the top riders in the world compete this weekend.
 Looks like the weather was perfect.
They made some time to see this guy while out in TX.
Bacon says" Hay!"
Hope to see you soon brother.

Porsche Swap Meet Anyone?

Boston Operative Pat was headed there with his 944.
He said " I'll keep an eye out for a nice old 911 or 912 for you."

I didn't even know I was looking for one.
Thanks Pat.
I look forward to you report on this event.

Boston 4/15/13

There's not much I can say that has not already been said about the events that started Monday at the close of The Boston Marathon.
I found out about the bombings while at work. Standing in front of the TV, trying to get in touch with friends in Boston only to get no signal, due to the cellphone blackout.
Eventually, everyone checked in and is OK.
Stay safe my friends.
Stay Strong Boston.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

An American Legend turns 60

The original idea was first conceived by Harley Earl and was put into production in 1953 but it wasn't until the V8 small block and Zora Duntov that the Corvette really took off. Considered by many as Americas Premier Sports Car, the Corvette turns 60 this year.
 With wins at Le Mans, Sebring, Laguna Seca, and many more over the years, the Corvette has earned it's spot among other great cars of the world.
 With the likes of Dick Thompson, Don Yenko, Mickey Thompson, Smokey Yunick, and Roger Penske driving and tuning the cars, the Corvette was hard to beat in the 60's at any race track.
 In the 70's even James Garner had a Corvette race team.
 The body style of the 68' thru 82' Corvette is unmistakable.

Now in its seventh generation the Corvette shows no signs of slowing down.
With a win at the 61st annual 12 hours at Sebring its sure off to a good year.
Happy Birthday Corvette. 

Spring is here.

And this guy who hung out on my patio for a few hours last Saturday says so.
I'm not gonna tell him hes wrong.

Iron Lords Car Club Party

After a day of looking at all things auto and greasy, followed up by a steak dinner (my reward to Pepper for not bitching about looking at parts), how else would I end the day? Well, with a bash at the Iron Lords CC Garage. The guys in the club throw a great party with no attitudes allowed. It was a good thing we ate first before heading there. The BBQ was long gone by 7pm. They went through 90lbs of BBQ, 4lbs of Naner puddin, and an unknown amount of liquid refreshment in various forms.
 Music was supplied by the Straight 8's.
 As usual there were a ton of cool rods in full effect.
 Projects of every stage of build are there for visitors to check out. For some reason my camera wouldn't take a a picture of the black Buick gasser being built.
 I've said it before and I mean it. The guys from the Iron Lords CC are some really cool cats. No attitudes and are willing to talk to anyone about their rides. Even a dumb ass like me.
 My favorite Scout was there again. I still haven't met the owner of this thing. This time it was joined by a few more Internationals. Alex at my work is building a Scout. Maybe I can convince him to let me shoot it for the blog when finished.

Once again a big "THANKS", goes out to the Iron Lords CC for have a great party. 

I was able to dodge Miss Heather for the night. Rumor is she has a bone to pick with me about a dinner. Heather I just can't complete with Big Mikes cooking. I'm going through cook books looking for gourmet hot dog recipes. I will let you know as soon as I find one.
Dirty Ed 

The Food Lion Auto Fair

Was in town again. 
Pepper and I had been cooper up in the Casa De Moto for too long and decided to head on over.
If you've never been to the Auto Fair and you are into American sports cars, muscle cars, hot rods, rat rods, parts, signs, collectables, and all things greasy. Well then your missing out.
This four day event is held at the Charlotte Motor Speedway over four days and you will need all four days to see it all.
 Arriving at the speed way, we made our way up through the gates to the track. View from the stands gives you an idea of how huge this event really is. Don't forget to wear good walking shoes. You'll need them.
 These pictures don't do the show justice. There are cars and vendors all over the track, infield, walk ways, and in the field outside the track. We arrived at 10am, checked out the show non stop until 5pm and still didn't see half of what was there.
 My little 10 year old Cannon Power Shot has been acting up lately. So instead of getting to see pictures of Cobras, Mustangs, Vettes, and all the other rods that were there. You get to see the Scrambler I drooled over. MY camera worked long enough for me to get pics of two cars and that was it for the day. Maybe its time I start looking for a new camera.
At least I got a picture of this killer hauler. 

If you do go, I have to warn you and suggest a few things.
1. Water and soda are $5 at all the food vendors. Some parts vendor have water at their stands for a $1 or $2 donation so skip the food vendors and head to the swap meet area. 
2. Bring sun screen. Being the first event of the year for me I forgot, but my farmer tan is in full effect now. Even my big goofy hat didn't protect my neck. 
3. If your looking for parts, plan on being there at least two days. Three would be better. This thing is huge, you will do alot of walking, looking and talking with vendors and people. You just can't do it all in one day.
4. Bring a cart, back pack , or wagon to haul your newly acquired goodies around. Even a SU carb gets heavy after a few hours in the sun. A wagon or cart is a good way to bring a cooler with you beverage of choice.
5. Make sure you fuel lines are in good condition. We followed a Galaxy out of the parking lot. My truck is a diesel but for smoe reason I keep smelling gas. Not a rich running car, I smelled gas and a lot of it. About a half mile down the road the Galaxy cut out and started smoking under the hood. Yep it was on fire. I hope they got it put out before it totaled the car. No pictures from the fire. 
Fucking camera!

Another Book Report.

Tom Cotter is back with another of his "In the Barn" series.
After the Cobra, Hemi, and Vincent in the Barn, his latest book is 
"Corvette in the barn."
This book is another collection of great barn find car stories and gives the truth behind "The 
Barn Find of the Century Hoax, plus many more.
Jeffries' Porsche, Corvette Sleuth, Junk Yard Ferrari, and Snake and the Satellite were a few of my favorites. 
I highly recommend these books to anyone who still dreams of finding that rare or not so rare dirty, rusty treasured car or part one day. Tom even included some hunting tips in the back of the book.


Neither am I.
 A new job, hectic work schedule, crashed laptop, loss of pictures, and a bunch of other dumb shit has
kept me from posting. I still have to recover pictures from the old lap top, so some of the posts will be out of order for a little while.