Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Rusty checks in from Myrtle Beach

He's been busy in the paint booth.

Digging this set of tins.

Give away bike he painted.

If you need some tins painted give him a call.
Paint by Rusty as seen in Backstreet Havoc Magazine.

Halloween wisdom from Foamy!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Traditional Hot Rod movie?

Not even close.
Women will like this movie a lot more then the guys will.
A few hot rods thrown in the middle of a love story.
This one gets painful to watch and seems to
drag out FOREVER at the end.

The director, actor, main character, promoter, leg shower,
and anything else with a title in this movie,
really missed what guys want in a Hot Rod movie with this one.
More cars, more racing, more fighting, even more fucking,
would have helped.
Women who rent this one won't see what is that bad about it.
Guys...You've been warned!!
I give it one fist up.
Faiths ass that is. For fucking up what could have been a concept,
and calling this a Hot Rod movie..

Movie Night with the Iron Lords C.C.

The Iron Lords CC had a private screening of "Deuce of Spades".
A tradition hor rod movie.

The weather was perfect, the rods were cool,
people friendly, and the idea was a good one.
The Movie on the other hand. Well?
That's another story.
A big THANKS goea out the the members of The Iron Lords CC
for the invite. A good time as always with you guys.