Friday, June 22, 2012


I'm always on the look out for FXR parts. I'm looking for FXRT bags and Fairing to put on my 92.

If anybody happens to know of someone or be that someone who has HD Factory FXR parts they want to sell for a REASONABLE price let me know. Stock stuff is better for me, but I will consider anything. The worst I can say is NO.

The lucky number 13.

A BIG "THANKS" to Edge for sending me a few tickets to the gathering this weekend.
I am truly blessed when it comes to the friends I have.

This year is the 13th Smoke Out and almost feels like it may be the last for a few of us.
It's not what it used to be and it's not surprising. When the word gets out about a great event, soon the jackasses and chuckle heads start showing up and fuck it up for those of us who have been there from the start. Choppers and riding are replaced by golf carts and beads. Conversations about bike building and fabrication are drowned out by shitty southern rock pouring out of crappy speakers on baggers with butt faced drunk red neck women on the back going "WOOOOOOO!" Don't get me wrong, I am happy for Edge and the success of the event he started. Without this event I would not have some of the brothers I have today. I wish him much success in the future.
Life is changing for many of us. A few have moved or are getting ready to. Some have started businesses and families or are getting ready to expand existing families or businesses. A few are starting new careers, including me. Monday starts a new era for me, but that is a story for another time.
If this turns out to be the last Smoke Out for me, so be it. It's been a hell of a ride and I wouldn't change any of it. If it's not, that's cool too. Maybe I will have my Shovelhead ready for the next one, but don't hold your breath.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Dragon Lady saga continues.

Little sister sent me a few update pics on her "Dragon Lady" project.

Cleaning the rims and getting them ready for new shoes.

New (to her) bank of carbs, cleaned and ready for assembly.

Covers removed for cleaning.

Blasting the crud off.

Clean and ready for installation.

New hardware too.
Good on ya girl. Keep it up.

VW Van for sale.

Trip needs to sell this thing. It's been sitting at his Aunts place in Dallas, NC since he moved to Denver, CO a few years ago.
I think it's a 1974 VW Westie. The original motor was replace with a 1800cc unit that has 800 miles on it.   It does need some rust repair and will need to be towed to its new home. It ran when parked, but that was about 4-5 years ago.
He's asking $3,600 obo. Clean NC title in hand.
I checked it out about 2 years ago. It was dry on the inside and was not leaking. I was told it still is dry and mold free.

The luggage rack that sits over the front cab is missing. Someone removed it, so they could install a sun roof. The sunroof was never installed, but the hole for it is.

The body is real straight and I don't think it's been in a wreck. All doors and windows opened smoothly when I checked it out.

Front seats are not original.

It has the Fridge, sink, cabinets, table, stove and manuals.
There is a Greatful Dead tape that fell behind the cabinet. Trip wants it back and is not part of the sale.

Interior is original and the seat folds down to a bed.
It does not have a battery and currently does not run.
Not a bad project. I really think it won't take much to get her going again.
Drop me a line or post a comment here if you or someone you know is interested in the van. I will send you the contact info.
Click the VW Van label for more pics on an older post. The price on that post is way off, so don't think that's what he is asking for it.