Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Dude Seriously?

You chose her.

Over her.

You sir are a DUMB ASS!!

Hey, Sandra call me any time.

Saturday Night.

Clean motor, but will it run? I cleaned the main and slow jets. We were surprised at how clean the carb looked. Accelerator pump is still not working and I will need to rebuild the carb in the near future.

We threw some fresh fuel in the now clean tank. Not really expecting much I hit the start button. She rotated over twice and fired up!! She purred like a kitten. NO clicks, clacks, knocks, or any other noises that we expected. FUCKING SAWEET!!!

Now the original plan was to put a Frisco'ed Sporty tank, solo seat, drag bars with high risers, bar mounted gauges, and a high mounted Thunderheader.

That changed slightly when I asked Kevin if he still had a fairing he picked up a few years ago at the All Harley Drags in Rockingham.
Oh yeah that sweet Live to Ride points cover is off the bike and in a ever growing pile of parts for e-bay.

More time with the 82 FXR

Now this one has been sitting since 2004. I replaced the battery and had to clean the fuel system. So the tank came off to get cleaned.

This may be where the short is located.

Tank flushed, new fluids, and filter.

I removed a ton of unneeded wiring. Installed a new proper switch. That dash mounted unit has to go!! Turn signals are gone as well. Head light works now and so does the HI/LOW indicator. Short gone!

Stage 1

These Ness covers have got to go!

It's a start. Wind sheild, bags, brackets, bars, Ness covers, big ugly seat, front fender, and horn all GONE!

I was going to leave the solo seat on, but I am taking a passenger with me to the Smokeout. So the Sissy bar and a 2 up seat will stay for now.

At this point she will crank over and has spark. We can hear a circuit breaker tripping as soon as the dash switch is turned on. No lights working at all.

First pics.

The day after I got here. I unloaded her at the Gear Head compound.

The idea is to remove all that is not necessary and ugly.

Get her ready for the Smokeout.

Let em know who you are!

Oh yeah!!!
I know a few people who need one or all of these!!!

The threat is real!

Be ready!

The Mystery Bike.

Here are pics of my 1982 FXRS that I picked up a few months ago. I worked on this deal for a few months before I finally got it (thanks to a loan from a brother).

Her she is in the back of my truck. I still had the Triumph when I got the FXR.

Here she is at the office. Clean motor.

Now here is the kicker! I got the bike, title, extra tank, and 3 extra front fenders for.....


Now that is a Roadside deal if there ever was one.

Part Score

Bad Monkey piced this Vintage beauty up at the AMCA meet. Check out that paint job. BIG FLAKE!!

It will look killer on his XL project.

I think he should keep the tank the way it is and paint the rest of the bike to match!

Roller Derby!!!

Sunday night we went down to see The Richland County Regulators VS the Charlotte Roller Girls. A fucking good time if there was one. Juggs Judy wasn't playing but came up to support the team and hangout with the Judgemental Cycles crew.

Charllote has some fucked up players with names like Amy Fister and Puncher P. Hole(ouch!) and did end up winning the bout, but not before The Regulators sent one of their players to the first aid tent, with a busted up knee.

The after party was cool and I saw a lot of people I had not seen in a while. Good times. Now if the Regulators would just get some black shirts in my size. I have been waiting for a year now. Guess i'll have to get a Quad Squad shirt and a better camera.

The Zombie Threat!!

At least these folks will be ready for the hords that are sure to come.

Looks like a hell of a good time.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

This weeks music.

Only one Ronnie James Dio!

Monday, May 17, 2010

BLESS THE USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I truly believe this is the BEST country in the world. We have freedoms that nobody else has. Unfortunately those freedoms are under attack constantly.This weekend the NRA was in town with a huge convention. Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Chuck Norris, and Uncle Ted were there to speak. I was able to make it there for a few hours on Sunday before it closed.

Firearms, ammunition, and knives are still manufactured here in the good old USA. Citizens of the USA have a long history with firearms. I hope we have a future with them as well.

Some of the shit I saw was cooler than a penguines pecker.

Gear Head Sat. Night.

A big "THANK YOU" goes out to the Gear Head crew. Shelly cooked up a mess of mexican grub for everybody. Kevin supplied beer, wood, and flame.

A good time was had by all. Hey Howard, next time bring your Triumph.

OLD tools and equipment

The meet this past weekend was at an old plantation. The had a working machine shop with all types of old equipment.

It all ran off of one motor that was attached to a pulley system and a few miles worth of belts.

Most of the machines were from the late 1800;s and early 1900's.

Fucking bad ass.

A day ride back here will definatly be in order to check it out again.

Anyone who has equipment like this in a shed. Call me before you throw it away. I will haul it off for free, or a mild fee.

Spotted at the AMCA meet.

1977 XLCR for $9,500

I can remember when they were $3,200 and nobody wanted them.

This fucker was LOW.

AMCA Southern National Meet

Bad Monkey and I headed out Saturday for the Antique meet.

It was hotter than Hell out there. Lots of cool old bike and parts.

If they have this again next year. We are going to get a vendor spot.

SOLD the VLH while I was there.

We scored a few goodies. It was a good time, don't miss it next year.

Ronnie James Dio - RIP

A HEAVY METAL icon has left us. Singer for Rainbow, Black Sabbath, DIO, and Heaven and Hell.

67 years old and still rocking.

What a bummer!

To all those in the after life. Dio is coming "LOOK OUT"

Friday, May 14, 2010

Just thought these were cool pics.

I now know..

If I hit the lotto, what my shop would look like.

Parts, Helmets, Bikes, and FXRs would be everywhere.

Of course I would open a shop, employ my friends, and NOT work on customers bikes. Customers would be for making fun of. Man what a life it would be.

Remember kiddies...

A helmet is essential to your motorcycle riding gear.

Hey Roadside.

FXRP idea for ya. If you can get it out of AZ and back home.