Friday, April 27, 2012


I have seen some dumb shit on cars before, but this takes the cake.
Shot this with my phone in Concord, NC.
Truck had NY tags with two dudes in it.
Not sure what he is trying to say.
He likes being balls deep in his dog.
He likes his dog to be balls deep in him.
He wants his boyfriend or any man to be balls deep in him.
He wants any man to be balls deep in him while he wears a dog costume. 
He likes to be teabagged by his dog.

NY rednecks are strange and gay.

Sunday, April 22, 2012


I knew the Food Lion Auto Fair was in town, but wasn't sure if the Iron Lords CC were going to throw a bash or not. So, I was really stoked when Ron sent me a text. "Be there Fucker!", was all it said and all it needed to say. I had gotten my invite and the party was on!
I arrived solo to the party. Yep, everyone bailed on me. Someone had a bachelor party to go to. Mr. and Mrs. Gearhead were going to play the banjo naked by a burn barrel they had just picked up at an auction. Even my redhead "didn't feel good".
So being the sensitive and caring guy that I am. I gave her a shot of Wild Turkey and said "SEE YA!"

With the Loose Lug Nutz playing in the back ground, I wandered around checking out all the cool rides.
VW's were an unusual sight. I counted three buses and at least one Karmann Ghia. Even though I am not a fan of dirty hippies, I am a fan of VWs so I enjoyed checking these things out. If I remember correctly, I know were a '74 Westfalia is waiting to be rescued. Oh, yeah like I need another project that I won't finish.
Anybody need a '74 Westie project? I can tell you where to get one. ( for a finders fee of course)

I've seen this motor every where!!! It's been on a bunch of car forums and even a AR15 forum!
Pin Stripes really do make it look good. I like the detail on the fire wall.

First it was flat black, then rust, followed by old patina paint, and now it's bare metal that seems to be the rage now with bikes and rods. As cool as some things look this way, I really like a clean smooth glossy paint job. Bring on the flames and candy!!!!!

Now before you think all these guys do is buy a turn key car and call themselves a car club, you need to walk around the shop first. There are a lot of on going projects with serious fab work being done. Welders, fabricators, mechanics, they do it all. Plus, the shop is packed with all kinds of neat shit. I could spend hours just walking around the shop checking it all out.

Kenny's new ride. Lowered and sitting just right. The old Coleman cooler inside was really cool.

Well that about covers it. As usual the Iron Lords CC were great hosts and threw a great party. If you get a chance to check out one of their parties do it. The guys are friendly and knowledgeable, so don't let the tattoos and grease scare you.
A big "Thanks" goes out tp the Iron Lords CC for a good time.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

I've wanted a new Jeep for a while but I'm not so sure about it now.

I've been thinking about getting a new ride. So, being a fan of Jeeps, I have been doing some research.
First, I found out about the Jeep Death Wobble. Look it up on youtube. The fix seems like a hit or miss approach by throwing a bunch of parts at the front end.

Then my girlfriend shows me a story this morning about Jeep Fires on the new models. I then searched youtube and found this.

I guess even with 221,000 miles on my Ford, it's still a safer bet than the Jeep.

Still it sucks. I really wanted to get a Jeep.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy...Wait.. Whut?

Yep. Going to Hell, in the express lane for sure!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Will wrench for parts!

I went by Long John's on Friday to drop off a poster and fliers for the Smokeout #13.
I also happened to have some fork tubes I needed to swap over for the FXR, just in case he was slow and would let me use a few air tools.

The next thing I knew it was,
" Ed would you change out the turn signal module on that Wide Glide."
" Ed go see if you can fix that idiots bike before he pulls it off the trailer."
" Ed this one needs a full service."
"Ed here's the phone, I gotta run an errand."
And on and on!!!!
By the time I got to swap the fork tubes the shop had been closed for half an hour.
All bikes were fixed and picked up, so John could go ride to the mountains for the weekend.
I got my forks swapped over, had a free lunch, and was told my new rear tire would be in on Tuesday.
And the tire was on the house!
It's been almost 4 years since I wrenched in a shop.
It was fun to do it again.
Hey, John! I need tires for my '82 FXR project!
Good times with Good friends!