Thursday, May 5, 2011

1973 VW Van FOR SALE!!!!

I was going to buy this van a few years back. Money and space prevented me from doing so.
The current owner is being treated for cancer in Colorado.
I have been asked to help sell it.
Here is what I know.
1973 Westfailia  VW Van.
Parked about 5 years ago.
New brakes and 1600cc motor installed before parking.
Clear NC title.

No battery in it.
Bring your own to see if it will run. Spark plugs may help too.

It's rough looking but solid when I last looked at it about 2 years ago.
Has a sun roof and part of the camper top is missing. I think it was a cover.

I think some of the interior is original. Bench seat folds into a bed.
Cabinet space every where.

Seats are out of another car and not original.

Stove. I think it is gas.

Sink. Not sure if the water tank is still in it. It does have water hook ups on it like a RV.

The current owner does have all receipts for parts and work done.
Plus, service manuals go with the van. There may be a grateful dead cassette hidden somewhere in the van.
Yours if you can find it.
These vans get about 40mpg. Better than a new car.
Price is $1200 obo.
Email me and I will put you in touch with the owner.

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