Monday, May 30, 2011

Why Dustin won't lend me anything!!!

Dustin gave me the rims for his Triumph to true last year. A week later I was on the road for 6 months.
It took awhile for me to get them back to him.
It was his grill I borrowed at the Steel in Motion show.
Monday I came home parked my truck and went up stairs.
My neighbor came running up and told me my truck had rolled back into the wall.

BBQ grill in bed of truck and truck against wall.
She wouldn't start.


Right side looks good.

Left side no so much.
I was supposed to get the grill back by Wed. I called Dustin and told him it may be a little longer.
A little over $900 and the trans indicator was fixed as were the parking brakes.
Bumper is $600 to fix and will have to wait.
We did get the grill back to the shop on Monday.
Thanks Mike.

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