Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous New Year to ALL.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

VW Van Sold!

Finally the VW Camper Van that has appeared on this blog several times has been sold.

Another legend gone.

The racing community has lost another legend. Stewart Hilborn crossed the final finish line on 12/17/13.
Hilborn invented the constant flow mechanical fuel injector in the 40's. He had a passion for all things fast and set a world land speed record in 1948 using his MFI system. A system everybody said would not work. He was 96.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Gathering of the tribe

 This weekend somewhere on the coast of South Carolina the tribe gathered.
  I can't remember the last time we were all together. Work and life has a way of getting in the way.
 We were there to celebrate a union of two people and wish them well on their new journey through life together.
 Greetings followed with catching up, then spirits were poured, stories followed and good times ensued.
 It's been a long time since I laughed that much. It was awesome to see everyone and catch up.
Remember friends, life is short. Always make time for real friends and family. They are what truly matters in life.  

Monday, October 28, 2013

Congatulations to BACON!!!!!!!

On the birth of his son "Calvin".

Iron Lords Car Club Party

Thursday night I received an anonymous tip that something was going down Friday night in Concord. The tipster wouldn't say what it was but assured me that it involved gas, grease, and hot rods.
It turned out to be a gathering of good people and great cars. It was of course the Iron Lords CC after Good Guys car show party.
 Ron finally finished his Buick gasser.
 This 1968 Stingray Corvette sounded real good when it fired up. Cold rubber made it fishtail when leaving.
 As cool as this Scout is, it was too cold to be driving with the top down Friday night.
 Can you say slammed? I knew you could.
 Kenny's new ride.
 When was the last time you saw a Mercury Cyclone with CJ 428 badges?
 Cough, Cough, Chevy with Paint, cough, cough, Kevin, cough.
As I've said before. A good bunch of people with a good bunch of cars.
Thanks to the Iron Lords CC for hosting the party and Thanks to Ron for the invite.

Friday, October 18, 2013

One for Mr. Gearhead.

THE ROAD WARRIORS . ♣Irish✜Road Racing and Southern 100, Isle of Man. 325kmh=202mph from Lock9 on Vimeo.

Time is ticking brother! We need to get the brothers together and go!!!!!!!!!!!!
View in full screen!

Sunday at Ray Price Harley Davidson

Since I was in Raleigh, a trip to Ray Price HD was mandatory. It's no secret that I really dig Harley Drag Racing and Ray is a long time Harley Davidson Drag Racer and the second floor of his dealership is dedicated to his racing and to some of those he raced with.
 One of his earlier Top Fuel Bikes. Sportster bottom end with a Shovel Top. A Hilborn single throat mechanical fuel injection system supplies the "GO" juice.
 OLD vs NEW. Way to many differences to list. Not often you get to check these machines out side by side. I really wish I could have gotten closer.
 You have to look close at the rocker boxes. Old trick of removing the oil supply and return lines from the top end. Then put a grease fitting in the cross over spot. Grease the top end between rounds, no oil equals less oil returning into the crack case and less on the flywheels. Less parasitic drag means you go faster. Cut a section out of the rocker boxes so you can inspect them between rounds. Cover with a strip of duct tape for the run. Lighter and faster.
 BIG difference in the newer Air Induction Size!
 This was the bike Ray was riding when I fist saw a Top Fuel Harley. Moroso Drag Strip in West Palm Beach, FL. When they used to run in November. 19??????? Fuck I'm getting old.
It was really cool to walk around and see the awards and records Ray earned over the years racing. Some from racing organizations that are no longer around. I'm not sure any are around now after the AHDRA cancelled the 2013 season. 
If your in the Raleigh, NC area stop by and check it out. Top Fuel bikes, busted parts, and racing history. All for FREE. You can't beat that.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Porsche By Design

The official title for the show is "Porsche by Design, Seducing Speed". The later part of that means Race Cars! and that;s what I wanted to see. So without further delay, here are some random shots from the NCMA exhibit.
 Do you think we are in the right place?
 Type 356 Gmund from 1949.
 Type 904/6 Prototype from 1965.
 Type 550 Prototype from 1953.

Bath Tub Porsche from the Steve McQueen Collection,
The old race footage was a nice touch with the display.
 Type 917K from 1971.
 Type 935 "Baby" from 1977.
I just like the looks of the 917K.
 Type 908K from 1968.
IROC Carrera RSR from 1974.
 One of the original cars from the first IROC race.
 Type 962C from 1990.
Type 911 GT3 R Hybrid Race Car Prototype from 2010.
That's all for now. If you want to see all the cars at the exhibit then go see it.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Cars and Coffee

It was overcast and drizzling when we arrived at the event. There was a quasi car show from the cars and coffee group. Porsche's from all models and years were represented. I did learn that a few of the guys had spent the last few days at Virgina International Raceway running the track sounds like they had a blast. A track day sounds like fun. 
 A couple of California cars greeted us when we got there. Magnus was walking around but split before I got a chance to talk with him.
 I really like some of the older cars. Not the fully restored trailer cars, but the ones that show the owner really drives it and uses it. If it has a few personal touches from the owner even better. Lets face it no matter if it's 2 wheel or 4 wheels, Stock is BORING!!!
 Streetable race cars rock! This 3.3, twin plugged, 911 sounded great.
 Can you even see out of these mirrors? They do look cool.
 Track rash! I bet it was fun driving on wet roads with race slicks!
That's all from the parking lot. Time to move into the museum.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Florida Op. Jamie checks in.

I was in NC around Porsche's and he responded by being in FL around Ferrari's.  A buddy of his is an instructional driver for the Super Car rides that was held at Moroso in West Palm.
Bet it was fun!


Went to Raleigh this past weekend for the opening of the Porsche exhibit. Scored a few tickets to Bullitt with Steve McQueen on Friday night.
They showed a 9 minute film before Bullitt that everyone thought was gonna suck. The host described it as drive through France. It turned out to be a nonstop run at speed through the streets of France that had everyone cheering when it was over. It was AWESOME!!!!!!!
As soon as I find it, I will post it here.

Roadside Checks in.

With a new (to him) 1986 FXRD with 34,000 miles.
Not sure if he just wanted to share his find with me or rub it in my face. 
Either way Good on ya Brother.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Knoxville, TN Operative David reporting in...

With a new business. David has had some rough times recently and has now put all the BS behind him and done something he should have done a long time ago and that's go into business for himself!
If you need anything fixed on two wheels that is pedal power, you couldn't ask for a better guy to work on your ride or build you a custom one.
 He's only been open a few months, but it sounds like business is picking up.
If your in the Knoxville area look him up. He's always got time for friends or customers and can give you a recommendation on where to get some killer eats and drinks. BE sure to ask him about the history of the shop and it's name. It goes back to 1908!
Check him out at:
Knoxville Bicycle Hospital
619 Broadway
Knoxville, TN
Tell him Dirty Ed sent ya.

PS: If your on motorized two wheels there is a rumor of a shop going in the basement soon.