Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I think it's funny.

Home Security 101

Charleston, SC

A big THANKS goes out to the TRIPLE THREAT BROTHERS for their hospitality this past weekend. A relaxing weekend in a bitchin house was what the doc ordered.

What did I do with that copy of their house key?

Why can't I get....

any work done at BMMW. Could it be the furry little fucker that won't leave me alone?


Ians Triumph

Ian wanted to be as cool as me, so he went and found a Triumph. We pulled the motor out and started to take it apart. This thing is going to need some cleaning.
It will be a killer chop when he is done with it.

I just need to do something with mine before he gets done with his.

The Family

Only Joe would go on a drive through the Mountains of NC with a sail board strapped to the top of his ride. It was good to see you guys. The rug rats are growing up fast, no wonder your hair is going grey. The best thing about kids is torturing them. Especially when they are not yours.

Never saw one before.

I had no clue they made trucks. Cool ride.

Antiques on Main

Here are a few shot from the Antiques on Main Street in Chesney, SC. We got off to a late start, so by the time we arrived a lot of people were gone. Still, we got to ride with friends, check out cool bikes and made it home before the rain came down .

What the......

Glad the broke in the parking lot and not at 80mph jamming down the higway. DUDE go easy on the bars.


Here is another one of my favorite local shops. Dude and I worked together way back at Cycle Sorcery. Well he opened another shop about 4 years ago. He works on mostly older Harleys, but can get parts for almost anything. Check him out if you are in the Charlotte Area. If Dude is not there, Stacy the parts manager can help you with all your parts. Good shop, Good people, good place to visit.

Monday, August 17, 2009


Four entries have been deleted from the phone and e-mail. Good by pain in the asses. Lets celebrate with more pictures of Kym.

I feel better already.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Really is just died. Long live the renter.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Damn, should have gotten her number.

I was at my buddies resturant on Saturday, catching up with what has been going on with him since I moved. She walked in and I had to get a better look. We talked a few minutes while she waited for her order. She left for a picnic with her son. Bill said that her and I need to get together. He has been telling her about me. I almost punched him. Then I kicked myself for not getting her number. I keep thinking about her eyes. Man! I suck. I didn't even get her name.

I need the keys to your place Conan

Was in Charleston, SC this week. Awesome! I have got to spend more time here. Good food, cool historic district, and hotties all over the place. I really miss the ocean. I would have liked to be doing something other than working.