Sunday, May 20, 2012

Steel in Motion 2012

Last year we had a good time at the Steel in Motion show put on by the Geargoyles C.C. Well, word must of got out about out the rods, racing, and good times, because when I crested the hill to the track on Saturday afternoon all I could say was "HOLY SHIT!!!" It looked like there were more than double the amount of people and cars this year when compared to last year.

Show cars, drag cars, rust cars, vendors, pin striping, parts, music, and more!!! I love looking at and digging through dirty, greasy parts, and neat shit. Even when I have no idea what I'm looking at.

If you don't like racing or have an attitude. STAY THE FUCK HOME!
This is all about speed and good times!

Some of these guys are getting serious about racing. This Gasser wasn't the only ride with slicks and a full cage. I saw more dedicated race machines this year.

Granddad ran down the track with his 22 month old grandson on his lap. The kid was stoked!!

No lights or trees for this event. The flag girl sends them down the track.

Turbo Diesel that blew up Friday night.

Posted on the Turbo Diesel.

A father son grudge race. The boy whipped dads ass this go round.

It is run what you brung, but what the fuck is that lining up in the back ground?!?

This poor guy got lost heading to a 4 wheel drive rally in the mountains and spent all afternoon trying to beat the kid in a go cart. Just kidding. It's Ron from the Iron Lords C.C. running his International down the strip.

Hillborn mechanical fuel injection. Anyone have a set up for a Harley?
I really want one for my Shovelhead.
Cheap of course!

My pick of the show goes to one that wasn't even entered in the show. I really dig this International Scout.
(Yep, it's been on this blog before.)

A big "THANKS" goes out to the Geargoyles C.C. for a great event.
We plan camping next year. Maybe by then I will have a better camera with a battery that doesn't die after a few hours.

On a personal note:
Our condolences goes out to Matt and his crew.
They were unable to attend due to a death in the family. ( I found out Saturday while at the track.)
You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers Brother.
We are here if you need anything.

9th Annual Charlotte Transporter Show

Held at Hodges Farm in Charlotte, it was between Concord and another event we were heading to, so why not stop and check it out.
The farm was a perfect backdrop for the show and the weather was awesome. Vendors lined up to sell stickers, books, manuals, parts, vintage coolers, and vintage bikes.

The owner of this camper had used a chalk board paint on the lower half and invited everyone to write or draw on it. The bucket next to it is full of chalk.

Why drive a Smart car when you could have this? I have seen pictures of these shortened VW's for years. This is the first one I have seen in person. It was clean and cool. I think this would fit in the bed of my Ford with the tailgate closed.

VW owners have a sense of humor about themselves. It's a good thing too.

This VW double cab truck is more my speed.

Storage under the rear seat and easy to clean out with both doors open. All it needs is a V8, 4 wheel drive, brush guard, a top over the bed and BINGO!!! we have a Zombie Apocalypse survival vehicle. Maybe Not.

Another one that almost made me piss myself.

Clean and simple. This was my favorite of the show.

Projects waiting for new owners. I was amazed that the roof didn't blow off the one on the trailer while being towed. Rust had eaten all the way around the top, that you could see the sky from inside it. You need serious sheet metal and fab skills to get that one back on the road.

About a month back, I posted a pick of Kenny's new van. (See Iron Lords cc Party) Well here it is after being customized by a hit and run driver. They did catch the guy, but it still sucks.

The Piedmont Transporter Owners Club really put on a nice event and a big "THANKS" goes out to them for doing so. I will hit this one again.

Friday, May 18, 2012

AMCA Denton, NC

This is the third year I have dragged my ass out to the AMCA meet in Denton, NC. I always have a good time here, checking out old shit. Motorcycles, parts, memorabilia, and don't forget the home made ice cream!!!

If the record was still in it, this would have been hard to pass up.
OH!! BLUES!!!!!!!

The second motorcycle I owned was a '83 Kawi GPZ 550. Mine was nowhere near as nice as this one.
Now for sale at an antique meet. Fuck!!! I'm feeling old!

If you like vintage iron, then you should go here. Indians, Triumphs, BSAs, Harleys, Etc...
They are all here and more. There was a ton of BMW parts and bikes this year too.

Nicely done Knuckle.

Now when was the last time you saw one of these?!?!

Complete with number plate and decals. I didn't even bother to ask how much.
I have enough shit.

Clean Pan.

These guys just rode in from Maggie Valley. About 90% of them were vintage bikes.

We left just as the hipsters started showing up. Nice VWs though.

We got to catch up with a few friends that we had not seen in awhile and check out a bunch of cool old shit. I'm looking forward to going again next year.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Lacking on the Zombie posts.

No real survival value, just entertaining as FUCK!!

E J Potters last run.

Looks like I have a video to get!!!

Another Legend has passed.

E. J. Potter The Michigan Madman.
1941-2012 R.I.P.

He was famous for first, sticking a V8 into a Harley 45 frame with a Whizzer fuel tank.
This bike can be seen at the Don Garlits museum in Ocala, FL.

On a 7" wide drag slick, he would do 1/4mile burnouts at speeds over 100mph.
Those old tires just could not hook up.

Later he broke 200mph in a 1/4 mile using a jet powered trike.

After a few accidents on the motorcycle, he switched to cars figuring they would be a little safer.
Here he is installing a V12 Allison aircraft engine into one of his drag cars.

Later he moved on to tractor pulling. His first tractor was know as "Ugly" with it's Allison V12 Engine.
"Double Ugly" had two V12's in it.
There is a book on him. Read it if you are a gear head of any kind.

Thanks to BadMonkey for sending me the link.
I would have missed it.

Camping at Morrow Mountain.

A while back K and I decided to go camping. We needed to get away and this was a cheap way for us to do it. I had recently acquired a bunch of older camping gear from a house clean out. It's not like I needed it. I already have a ton of camping gear, but if it's free, It's for me. Even though it had been sitting in a work shop since 1994 covered in dust, it fired right up and worked fine. It was time to load up the truck and head out for a camping test run.
Steak Kabobs for dinner. Cooked on a 1970's Coleman 425F stove.

Ready for a nice cool evening in the woods. The Coleman 285-700 Dual Fuel Dual Mantel Lantern from the early 1980's was bright as FUCK when turned on high. Here it is about 1/4 on.

Vintage Boy Scout Hatchet. Made from 30's thru 60's. Still sharp. I do need to make a new sheath for it.

White tail deer were everywhere. A few does and a fawn came with in 20 feet of the tent several times while we were camping. Dinner on the hoof!!!!!!

Need to relax and mellow out? Have a camp fire. For some reason it always has a way of making you forget your troubles.

I have to say that all the gear did great. I think with a little tweaking we will be good to go on trips farther away and for a longer time. Just need a few more weekend trips like this.
We stayed from Friday through Sunday. Got to do a little fishing, relaxing and a lot of good eating.
Something we will definitely do again and soon.
Not a bad way to spend our 2 year anniversary.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Carol Shelby R.I.P.

The automotive world will never see another like him.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The year of cleaning out!!!!!!!!!

I've moved every three years or so since 1999 and every time I move, I think to myself "Damn I have a lot of shit!" Sure it's organized and in bins on shelves, but there is a lot of shit. I have sold, donated, traded, and trashed a lot of it over the years. Some of I kept for that "One Day, I can use this or I will have a house/garage to display this in." Well this year I told myself "No More!!!"

This year I have spent some time moving other peoples stuff into storage units for them. Weather it's from a relatives house who passed away or someone moving to a smaller house. Seeing and moving all their stuff motivated me to get rid of my own crap. I may have to move for work and I don't want to drag some of this shit around with me any more.

I have made some head way this year by selling stuff I never thought I would ever sell. Records, magazines, clothes, old riding gear, license plates, camping gear, gun parts, car parts, motorcycle parts, tools, comics, collectibles, and anything else I deem unnecessary is going.

I spend almost all of my free time going through boxes, taking pictures, and listing them on forums.
I'm a member of more fucking forums than I care to be, but it's better than paying e-bay listing and sales fees. When it sells, great! When it doesn't, Lower the price and try again. Once one box of shit is sold, grab another and repeat. This year I am getting to the core of what I need.

A buddy of mine once told me he lived out of a duffel bag for four years. I may not get to that extreme, but I will get close to it.
So, this year I may not post a lot of riding or wrenching, but I am getting shit done while I look for a job.

Pictures are not mine. They are from The Garage Journal Forum. From the Grunge Garage thread.
That dude has a real problem.

Friday, May 4, 2012