Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A fog lifting.

For the last six months I have been in a motorcycle funk.
I stopped reading, wrenching, looking, and riding bikes.
I don't know why or how it happened.

Over the last several months, I have been spending time in the shop, when I'm not looking for a job.
Cleaning, going through boxes, selling shit, and doing some much needed organizing.
Then a few weeks ago it started.

Tinkering with the bikes again. Going through the FXR parts that I hoard,
I started playing around with ideas. Which lead to memories of rides past and nights wrenching
with brothers. Good times.
Plans for future rides and builds started to fill my head.

I guess a break was needed. Helps, to step back and get a different
view of things from time to time.
Keeps the mind fresh.

From the looks of my 92 FXRS,
I think my mind is still a little foggy.

Riding my old trouble head.

Ian sent me this pic a little while ago.
It may be the only one of me riding my first chopper.

Headed to the Smokeout in Salisbury where I sold it.
Some days I miss that bike.

NC Panhead in TX.

Spy photo of Big Mikes Pan getting the Bacon treatment.

Should be ready for him to ride to the Born Free Show.

Relax Call Max checks in from FL.

Max was out and about on Sunday, and snapped a pic of this little Honda.

Not sure of the year, maybe 60's?
Header wrap and the Fish Tails!?!?

Knives by Kevin.

Heat treated, with the handle on.
Time to polish, sharpen, and make a sheath.

Looking good.
Is that a Glock in the background?

Spent some time in Charlotte.

The International Motorcycle Show was in town.
Ian, Jimmy, Mike, and THE EDGE! were gonna be there, so I accepted the
invite to join them. Dinner cooked by Mikes wife Karel was also promised.
I can't say no to that. EVER!!!

Lots of laughs and a good time!
I really needed that. I had just come from a service/wake that morning.
My neighbor lost her year and a half battle with cancer that week.
Rene Ritchie was 45 R.I.P.
I don't know why but it was fucking with my head.
Laughing with friends helps more than anything else.
Thanks guys! I really needed it.

The bike pictured here is "The FO Pan"
by Mr. Wedge!

Friday, February 24, 2012

One for Brother Bill.

Hope, you're doing well in Florida brother.

Some people .

Just piss me off! They have a way of looking at things and saying,
"I can do that." Then they go and do it.
Kevin at Gearhead is that kind of person. I get pics sent to
me all the time of projects he's working on. Holsters, reloading bench and cabinet,
garden with giant peppers, bike projects, the list never ends!

Here is his latest. Making a knife out of an old file.
Looks like he is on the right track to making a cool blade.

Deer antler we found when we cleaned out a house that was forclosed on.
Can't wait to see it finished, I bet he will make the sheath for it too!

I'm gonna go find a big stick now.
And beat myself for being a lazy, fat fuck, who spends too much time
thinking about it and not doing it!

The Dragon Lady of Texas sends an update.

Little Sister is resurrecting a 1980 KZ 650 that has been sitting for 10 years.
She sent me some update info and progress pictures for
the "Dragon Lady".

Tear down and inspection of the carbs.

Old fuel that has turned to sticky gunk!

Tear down complete. She didn't tell me how many screw
heads she stripped or mangled.
(My average is about 2 per float bowl.)

Damage report:
One areation tube busted. Time to find a replacement carb body.
JB Weld won't help here.

What's missing in this picture?
Oh Yeah, the tips to the A/F Mixer Screws on the right.
Good luck getting those out and not fucking up the seats.
That's all for now.
Thanks, for the updates Little Sister, keep them coming.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Artist Profile Guy Harvey

Most of us know who David Mann is, some of us know who Coop is,
but not many here know of another favorite artist of mine.
Guy Harvey, PhD.

Growing up in South Florida, I spent a lot of time in and around the water.
Fishing, scuba diving, surfing, and snorkeling was how I spent my
time before the motorcycle bug bit me.

I still pick up a salt water fishing magazines from time to time.
One of those things I do that takes me back to a different time in my life.
When you set your calendar by what was running at the time.

When you fed the tarpon at the docks by hand and warned
that they were pets and not to be taken by anyone.
(A few tourists received more than a warning )

While going through some things in the storage unit the other day, I
found an old bill fish tournament poster. It was falling apart, but
I could still make out the art work by Guy Harvey.

It was a shame to get ride of it, but it was too far gone to be saved.
It did bring me back to the first time I saw his artwork and how as a teenager, I was always
looking out for his new shirt, poster, or painting.
Guy Harvey does a ton of different things in the name of ocean preservation.
Just Google his name to find out more.

My man Otis.

About 6 years old.
Fat, hairy, and high strung.
This little guy moved in with me in November.

I've never been a cat person, but this little
fucker is a trip. He sure helps out when I'm having a stressful day.

Runs away from the bathroom after using it.
He sounds like a V8 that has dropped a cylinder when purring.
Is like a crack head when turkey, ham, or steak is cooking.
Gets busy with a teddy bear even though he has been fixed.

With all his little issues he's still a good boy.
One day he may make a good shop cat.

Little Sister Checks in from Texas.

Little Sister rescued this 1980 KZ 650 recently and hopes to
be back in the wind on two wheels soon.

The "Dragon Lady" after arriving at the shop.

After washing off 10 years worth of grime.

New shoes ready to go on.

Good on ya, Little Sis!