Sunday, August 3, 2014

The FXR get a service.

The FXR had been in storage for a year and was in dire need of a service and cleaning.
 Last ride prior to service. The hills west of Austin have some beautiful back roads.
 All fluids changed, cables lubed and adjusted. I took my time going over her. Then it was time to detail. Looking pretty good for a 12 year old bike.
Cleaned, Serviced and back on the road.I removed the stickers when detailing her. I was working on a deal to trade the '92 for a servi-car, but the deal fell through.

Chicken Wrangler

Since I was going to stay in Texas while the crew went to California, I had to take care of the animals at the compound. Not a big deal but one morning something was a little different.

 The chickens were already up and roaming around when I went to let them out of the coup.
 After a few minutes of investigating and I found out what happened. The floor of the coup fell out sometime during the night. How did this happen?
 It didn't take long for me to figure out what happened. As soon as I put the lid down, a goat jumped on the coup racking the box and knocking the floor out again.
 It took longer to find the saws and drills than to fix the coup. A few cleats installed inside the coup gave the legs something to attach to. With the floor back in and the box level, the outer legs were attached.
 A cross brace and a third floor support and we were back in business.
 The goats and chickens planning to break something else, just to fuck with me.
With the animals taken care of, I treated myself to a little ride out in the hills of Spicewood, TX.