Thursday, March 31, 2011

March ride 2011 the final chapter.

Mike and I bolted from Daytona Friday morning.
We had 500 miles of highway to cover. Twist the throttle and go!
It was a great trip and I enjoyed seeing and meeting everyone.

FXR at the last gas stop before making it home.

Now my final thought.

I spent a week riding with Mike, and saw Dave, Sherri, Louis, Matthew,
Ian, Joe, Tommy, Edge, Roadside, Willie, and John and Nancy (it had been 6 years since I last saw them).
I met Moe, Doug, Brew Dude, and more.
I still have to meet Chris and his girl, and Alvarez (saw ya, just didn't get to talk to ya.)
We encountered cold, rain, loose mirrors, a blown for seal, shitty traffic, good two lane back roads,
and more.
Life can get in the way of Life.
A mortgage, car payment, TV, Facebook, and crap we want, can stop us from doing what we need.
Spend time with friends, laugh, and have a good time.
You only get one shot, there are NO do overs.
Make it count.
It's not as hard as you think.

Dirty Ed out.

MArch ride 2011 Part 14

Joe came up fro Jupiter to hang with us. He also had a place to crash for Mike and I.
It was about 1am when we headed out to Chris's place. I knew we were out by the Cabbage Patch.
Then we hit the dirt roads. Left, right, right, left, I was fucking lost and tired.
In the morning I walked outside to smoke and there were horses every where.

As it turned out, Chris and his girl rescue these guys and give them a good home.

I almost pissed myself when I saw this on the trailer.

They even had ones in size small.

I guess they were hungry and wanted me to feed them.


Surfer girl and horse tack.

He had his blanket.

Sorry man, I don't have a sugar cube.
Chris is a tattooist. His girl is an ex-pro surfer, who is studying to be a fire fighter.
They rescue the horses as well.
I hope to go back here again.

March ride 2011 Part 13

 Willies is stop you have to make for choppers in Daytona. With the WORLD FAMOUS ROADSIDE MARTY  as the mc a good time was had by all at the expense of others.

It was still raining when we got there. So you had room to take pictures.
When it stopped raining the place got full quick!

One of the few hot rods there.

Clean Shovelhead.

Big Mike, The Edge man, and Tommy pondering what Jodie Perewits's
ass would look like without those jeans on.
( whoever has the group pic of us at Willies, send me a copy )

Another rusty old truck.

Headed to eat.
Moe was really happy about getting food.

March ride 2011 Part 12

Woke up Thursday morning in Daytona and all these vultures were outside our window!

One here.

12 here.

2 more here. WTF?

The FXR in a sea of baggers.
These guys were afraid to go out in the rain.

Mike was a little freaked out by the baggers.
Rain or no rain, it was time to head out to Willies.

March ride 2011 Part 11

Florida riding.

Fork seal blew out again. Time for new tubes this time.

Opel GT.

The only picture that came out on the way to Daytona.

March ride 2011 Part 10

Alabama to Florida.

Old Ford at our last stop in Alabama.

Random stop in Florida.

I could have hung out here for a few hours.

I thought this was funny.

March ride 2011 Part 9 Pioneer Museum of AL Part 2

Tree bark stripper.

Turpentine pot.

One big ass hit and miss engine.

Flat fender Jeep.

Logging train.

This thing was massive.

The General store. Everything in here was from the 1920's.
Including the child's coffin.

March ride 2011 Part 8 Pioneer Museum Of AL Pt 1

From Barber we headed South.

Big Mike Happy the sun came out and warmed things up for
a little while.

Had to stop when I saw this.

Some of the many old firearms on display.

Blacksmith shop.

Now that's some serious cold medicine!

One of the many old tractors.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

March ride 2011 Part 7 Barber part 3

Barber also has a collection of cars and Lotus Race cars.

Back in November I read a book called "The Cobra in the Barn".
Good read. I posted it here.
This Lotus was in that book.

I have a ton more photos, but won't post any more now.
I have been to Barber twice. Once with Ian and Jack and now with Big Mike.
Ride there and go with good friends. You won't regret it.

March ride 2011 Part 6 Barber Part 2

Mechanical speedo.

Clean Knucklehead.

Didn't I say this place was RAD?!

Early brake set up.

Bolt on suspension for a bicycle.

Wasn't someone going to get us a few of these?