Sunday, February 28, 2010

Kojack's Softail

It took awhile but we made it back to Rusty's and made some progress on the softail. Wheels off, springer off and dissassembled, fenders off, struts off, trans top changed, etc....
We even got to talk a little smack about shit. Another good day.

To sell or not to sell?

In the last few weeks several people have expressed an interest in the Little Triumph. Offers have ranged from exactly what I paid for it to double what I paid.
I really don't want to sell another project before I finish it or in this case get started on it. On the other hand as a brother pointed out recently, I have been collecting parts for my FXR for a few years and talking about what I want to do to it for a few years longer. With riding season here, the FXR is my main bike so I won't do shit to it now except ride it.
This decision will have to wait until later. The 1936 VLH project IS for sale. $5,000 takes it or trade for a FXRT or Shovelhead FXR.

Friday, February 26, 2010

An e-mail..

I received the other day.

Why are you wearing helmets in all the pictures on your blog?

Name Deleted.
Two reasons.
1. Safety - Blogs are dangerous!
2. Why would you, me, or anyone go to a blog where my hideous fucking chud of a face is staring back at them? People would be throwing up on keyboards and gouging their eye balls out with spoons. Well, all 3 who come here. So I guess there is only one reason and that is Safety for all who view this blog.


Let me start off by saying I'm all for the environment. I live in it and it is in my best interest to keep it clean.
HOWEVER! What I don't like is the enviro-nazi propaganda being spewed out by everyone and their mother, in order to fear people into
going green.
I don't know about you, but I am not so dimwitted that I need to be lectured about
"serious ramifications I'm having on the environment." I don't need some uppity unfocused cunt, bitching at me because I bought a cup a coco in a plastic cup. "That will remain in a landfill for thousands of years." And speaking of landfills. That's what most of these lecturing assholes are! Mental landfills. Eagerly open to any idea dumped into their hollow heads, just as long as it gives them a mightier than thou feeling and a sense of a validated existence.
What's worse is the mass manufactured shirts for like, four year olds. That have phrases like
"GO GREEN" or "STOP GLOBAL WARMING" with the picture of a sweating penguin on it. Way to go! Encourage the purchase of manufactured wearable propaganda, created by child labor, in some third world country, whose factory is spewing out more fumes than a TIRE FIRE!
Thanks, little MS. Soccer mom. Now you can go pick up your
"GO GREEN" apparel wearing brat, in your gas guzzling SUV, but not before you stop by your best friends house and talk about how awesome you are because you recycled your news paper.
And speaking of children. Having kids is the worst thing you can do for the environment. Sure, they're biodegradable, but think about it. You just brought into the world one or two and in some cases twelve, little beings that will consume and waste billions of dollars worth of valuable resources through out their lifetime.
So the next time you go to lecture someone about their abundant use of resources. Take a look at that picture of A.D.D. Freddy or Dow Syndrome Dottie and remember you FUCKED the planet the most. Just because you couldn't keep your legs closed on prom night.
Of course if your really serious about saving the environment, you could always sacrifice your children to The Goddess of Nature! But in all seriousness most people aren't that committed. Which is just LAME!
So until then I don't want to hear SHIT about my FUCKING plastic coco cup. ALRIGHT!!NOTHING!!
On a similar note though. How come environmentalists don't just kill themselves in a mass suicide protest? I mean no one should know more about the impact people have on the planet than they do. RIGHT?! RIGHT!?
If people are causing all the problems. Than logic would dictate we need less people. So, if your an environmentalist and you don't kill yourself, your just being selfish! Just by being alive you are killing the planet. You can't
"GO GREEN" if your breathing. End of discussion! You resource wasting bastards!


Does anyone have $3500 and a can of black spray paint they can lend me? How about trading for a 1936 VLH project? I am always broke when the deals are around. DAMN!

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Now Chopper Dave is blogging about how cool FXR's are. FUCK now every wanna be will jump on that wagon and prices of parts will go through the roof! FUCK! I am just starting to get some cash for my FXR now. I liked it better when nobody liked em.

Leave the FXR's to me. You can have your $11,000 barn find Panheads. The $800 period correct Bates seat is yours. The ugly and dangerous as hell $200 6 bend bars from the 60's. The list goes on. Just leave the FXR's to my broke ass. I want my MTV, I mean Barn find FXRfor 20 bucks. Still this X wedge FXR is slick as hell.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

You will never see another one like this.

This was a gift from a family friend. He was killed in the Beirut bombing. Never could bring myself to throw it away.

Kidney Belt of cool

Dads riding belt. Made in America!

Vintage Auto I

Found these in my stash last night. Cool ass vintage speedway stickers. Dad was a race fan. When real men raced, stock cars were real stock cars, and tracks were made of dirt.

Vintage Stickers II

Thugs beware!!

Idiot is still talking shit after getting his ass kick by a 67 year old WHITE MAN!!!!!
Then the sista takes the old mans bag. Fucking scum bags they all should be executed in public.

Good on the white man! Standing up to a thug/criminal scumbag.

Tommy Slick you are the man today.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Pure Cool

And it looks like he knows it. Look at the size of that headlight!

This one is funny.

Who the fuck wants to see a dude in a tube top? What dude wears a tube top? My guess is that both were Big Dog Riders.

Fun while it lasted.

Nothing like fireing up a bike and scaring the shit out of customers as you go past them indoors.

Before they get shredded.

Found this in an old file folder. Wanted to share it before it goes to the land fill.

Can you guess what 2 jokers are responsible for it ?

Parts needed!

This might be the reason the Heritage loaded up and backfired several times under hard acceleration. Anyone have a single fire Crane HI 4 with coil for sale? CHEAP

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Free parts.

Kojack found this early FXR oil tank in a bunch of parts he scored. Being the nice guy that he is he gave it to this FXR junkie that he knows. Whoo hoo. Dirty grease things. FUCKING SWEET.

Oh Yeah. See that black flashlight. I used to have a green one. Until, some crazed Gearhead tackled me at a roadside taco stand. Yelling " Green Precious, it has to be mine." He ripped mine out of the holster and threw this one at me as he ran away. It does have new batteries. He was a werido.

Ride #2

Busted on one bike. Now what?

The switcherooo!!

The perfect breakfast, luch, or dinner.

Clear skys, warm weather, no snow, full belly, and no cops this time. Good times for sure.

A sunny Sunday? No fucking way!

Sure I had laundry to do, bills to pay, a hair cut to get, and my bikes are not legal right now.
It it 65 and sunny out. Stuff everthing I'm going riding!

Hello Ladies.
Clear skys and no snow. Lovely, just lovely!

85mph on the back roads. I'm smiling, can't you tell?

Right as I got pulled over. Ended up with a verbal "slow it down" and " put it back in the garage until you registration is legal". I though about asking her out to lunch and then a game of " Hide my night stick in her". Better not push my luck. She was cute though.

Happy V day baby.

One of my girls sporting her Valentines day gift.

Snow Sucks.

OK, its fun to throw the occasional snow ball at the neighbors cat.

On days like this it's me and the cocoa.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Good morning campers and ...

racers!!! The P.A. is my alarm clock.
As the sun rises warming my tent. It is time for my morning ritual. I wake and wipe the sleep from my eyes. There are only two things on my mind. Draining my full tank and find something to get the tar out of my mouth that someone has poured in it while I slept.
Engines and grills start up. The smell of race fuel mixed with bacon, oil, and coffee fills the air. Stepping out of my temporary home,I rise and stretch. Surveying the surrounding area. I realize that most of the world will never do any of this. Travel hundreds to thousands of miles. Spend late nights in garages. Spend their last cent on a part. Burn up their vacation to spend it in a loud, noisy, hot camp ground. They are lost and do not know what they are missing.
These are times and places that history is made. Friendships that last a lifetime are forged here. Men and women of strength, courage, and conviction have stood where I am standing now. They were pioneers, the few who did it when the rest said it can't be done. It was done by them on asphalt, dirt, clay, and sand. They were up to the challenge. Not for money or fame. They did it because they had a love for what they were doing. They believed in what they were doing. They helped and were helped by their brothers and sister who believed as well. These people were and are a rare breed. The world could learn at lot from these outcasts.
In the years that come, I will do my morning ritual over and over. I never know what I will be standing on in the morning, but I look forward to the time I will be standing on salt surrounded by those closest to me. Remembering those who were there before us. We will be up to the challenge.
The rest of the world will be sleeping. They will never know what they are missing.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow in the forcast.

Fuck!!!! Does anybody know where I can get one of these for the apartment? I have hot cocoa.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Winter Shovel

I dig this seat.

Kojack Shovel ready for summer riding.

Anybody know who the FUCK this guy is?

He tried to jump in our trailer in AZ. Something about gettting back to Fl and how cool that blanket would look in his garage.

Spot the ginger kids.

SC seems to loaded with em'.

Help needed

Anybody know where I can get this guys mug shot.

Garage in FL #2



Garage in NC #1

Seems normal.