Friday, July 23, 2010


When you travel and work nights, your days are free. After sleeping what do you do? I check local sporting good stores, craigslist, gun shops, motorcycle shops and the like. I found this in a little shop in TN. I had to get it.

I installed it as soon as I got home. Awesome!
Sorry guys, it was the only one they had. I would have gotten more if they had them.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Parts wanted!

My buddy Tim in Wyoming just called. He is looking for a TC-88 motor. It can be carb or EFI, A or B. He found one that sold for $1,700 on e-bay but missed it by a few bucks. So that is about the budget $2,000. E-mail or call with what you have.

When I make my fortune.

After, I help some friends out, get my off the grid self sufficient house/garage with 200 wooded acres, dogs, horses,and gun range. The next step is one or two of these.

The M-35 multi-fuel truck. Fuck Jags, Lambos, and the like. I can pick one of these up running for about $3,500.

This would be perfect for hauling wood, deer, ammo, and drunk friends around the property. Not to mention the looks at the local farmers market when I need tomatoes.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Monday, July 12, 2010

Working in TN

Spotted this looks like a Eline pickup. Left my card in the door.

Can anybody identify it. I did'nt get a closer shot. Too many people wondering what I was doing. They shoot strangers there.


I finally got my Regulators shirt!!!

A big thanks goes out to Juggs Judy on this one.

Smokeout 11

Two of the hardest working women at the Smokeout! Kat and Shelby. I worked the T-shirt booth for an hour,FUCK it was hot! I kept running water and soda to these ladies all weekend. Note the WORLD FAMOUS ROADSIDE MARTY is not there. He was off being the super star that he is. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Stampede toast to the fallen. A bag pipe played Amazing Grace while eveybody did a toast to the one who died last year.

At the breakdown spot.

Rusty kicking it over. Cool ride in the background.

Dude, Kevin, and Shelly.

On the road to the Smokeout 11

Last ride with the Red Chop. Spider Monkey Mike having a good time.

Meggen just before we had to stop. The front rotor bolts had backed out and started to dig into her forks.

Lemon head helmet on Rusty and Rusty on a Shovelhead.

Shelly showing where she forgot to put sunblock.

I drove the Bad Monkey trailer this year. Shots were taken by passenger from my truck. The AC was nice, still wished I was riding.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

South Florida Checks in.

Joe a.k.a The Skunk Ape sent this phot of his new tat in memory of Cheif.

That P&P is cool shit.

Safety Notice!

With a catchy tune.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The new blog is up and running!

Time is real tight for me these days. Work is rocking and rolling. I'm all over the place doing work for the next couple of months.Lots of miles to cover. I did make the Smokeout and got some FXRT bags for a brother who was looking for them. We had a blast. Good times. It was great to see everyone. The few pictures I did take are still on the camera, I will post as soon as I can. The 1982 FXRS that I picked up is still at Gear Head Cycles waiting on me to finish it. If I am working on something for you, I will finish it, it just might be a little while.
The new blog is running and will take some fine tuning to get it where I want it. It covers serious subjects that we face everyday. I make no apologies for it, my views, whats on it, or for being an AMERICAN!
Judge OUT!

3 from The Priest today!!

They just fucking rock!

Three live tracks in order over 30 years!

More Priest!

Wednesday Entertainment 7/7/10

The Priest!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Wed 6/30/10

The last few weeks have been busy as hell. Six renovations in six different city's across NC and SC. I'm not bitching, that's for sure. I enjoy the travel and change of scenery.

It's gonna be awhile before I'm finished with this batch of work. I did make the Smokeout 11. If you didn't then it sucks to be you.