Saturday, April 30, 2011

I'm a slacker!!

Low Country Boil, Revenge Run, Patriot Guard Pics, Shit for Sale and Bill's Last Day before going to FL. I have a lot of updates to do for the blog. So instead here's a DEVO video.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

1980's Skateboard add?

Self portrait of Max.
Reminds me of a '80's Santa Cruz ad that you would find in
Thrasher Magazine.

I think the Florida sun has baked his brain.

It was a Hot Rod weekend!

The good thing about real friends is that even if you haven't seen them in awhile,
when you do it's like you just saw them yesterday.
Kristen and I went over to Matt's for a cookout on Sunday.
Matt had just put a new motor in his 29.
Last minute carb adjustments.

Steve waiting to see if things are right this time.

View from the passenger side. It's fucking tight in this thing.
Carb was spot on. Hit the gas on hold on.

Matt's old motor found a new home.

In Levi's 51 Chevy.
More room in the '51. Although the Cool factor is higher in the '28.

Weather it's wrenchin' or riding/driving bikes, cars, or trucks.
Hanging out with good friends is good for the soul.

And yes I want a four wheel toy of my own to play with.
It's just not in the near future for me.
I'm good with that.
For now.

Rain or Shine! The party was on!

Even with all the thunder storm, hale, and tornado warnings,
The Shindig at the Iron Lords C.C. garage went off.

Plenty of room and BBQ inside.

Not a lot of open top cars this time, due to the rain.

Still the parking lot was PACKED!!!!

I really like this Caddy from the Geargoyles C.C.

Inside the food, brew, and good times flowed.

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Bell Mont Playboys!!!

I've said it before and I'll say it again.
Ron, Kenny, Jermey, and the rest of the IRON LORDS put on a hell
of a good party. With good food, good music, and good people it's hard to beat.
The parties are open to all in the family.
If your not a car guy when you get there, you will be when you leave.
A big THANKS goes out to the IRON LORDS C.C.
See ya Next time.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Shit for sale!

Buell Blast Service Manuals and Parts Books for Sale.
Service Manuals - $20 each
Parts Books - $10 each

Will also trade for ammo!
Need .357mag, .41mag, and .44mag.

A teaser!

Here are a few pics of the last Shindig, just to get ya going!!

The rods and customs flowed in and out of the shop for hours!!
I reconize a few cars here.

They were crammed in the back too!

It got a little strange later in the night.

A good bunch of guys for sure.

Stop by and say "Hi".
Just don't hit on the blonde.

It's time for the Swap City Shindig!

OK, kids!
Once again the Iron Lords CC are throwing the Swap City Shindig!

A good bunch of guys, a cool shop, killer rods, and with the Playboys performing,
it has all the makings of a great time.
Make it if you can.
Leave your attitudes at home.

Limited floor space available at my pad for those that need it.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Getting ready!

Looks like we have four or five headed there.

Myrtle Beach check in.

Rusty sends a pic of his latest build.

Can you believe this is a Sturgis?
I might have restored this one.
Cool ride Rusty.