Thursday, November 22, 2012

Flying High in Florida

I was back in Florida for a quick visit last week. Work had started to really get to me and I needed a fucking break. Mark heard I was in town with Pepper and offered to take us up in his 1978 Cessna Turbo 210.
The 210 in the hanger pre-flight.

Mark explained what a pilot looks for in a pre-flight check and went over all the instruments. Mark is a great teacher and a more detailed and precise mechanic than I am, no worries on my part if this thing will make it back.

After we loaded up, we called the tower for permission to taxi and take off. At the end of the runway we did a run up of the engine, checked for traffic and prepared for take off.

Take off speed is 80 mph. I wasn't sure we were going to make it.

Lift off achieved.

Dirty Ed letting the passengers know what to do as he prepares to take over the plane.

Cruising at 3,000 ft, engine at 2,450 rpm, consuming 17 gallons of fuel an hour, ceiling at 4,000 ft, visibility 5 miles, perfect weather for crusing around Lake Okeechobee. This is the north rim of the lake. We had planned on flying over the beach but were rerouted back to Boca Airport by the West Palm BeachTower. They had a plane with a medical emergency.

A big "THANKS" goes out to our Pilot and friend Mark for a great flight and fun experience.
Next time can we use the machine guns?