Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Go Back to Alabama!!

We went to Barber Motorsports Park to cover a antique motorcycle event for Cycle Source Magazine. The ride through NC, SC, GA, and into Al SUCKED!!! RAIN. About 30 minutes from our final destination the sun came out and the weather was perfect the rest of the time. This event was awesome. Old bikes road racing, dirt bike racing, trials, shows, auctions, parts and a swap meet. Did I forget to mention the muesum. This is one of the coolest buildings with one of the coolest collections of bikes I have ever seen. If you get to Alabama go see it. You won't regret it. Oh, I forgot that you are afraid to go out of your house. Now you know why you suck.
Pics are of me doing a failed superman pose and drying my shirt out at the campground. The bike, that's my Heritage. If you are following the blog. Yes, that makes four bikes I own. I have no kids either. You can go cry now.
Hey, Cycle Source if your not going to run the Event coverage in the magazine or pay me for the film.

Go there on 2 wheels.

OK, I am jumping on the band wagon. Bad Monkey Motor Works has been posting photos from trips. Now it's my turn.
We jammed across these great United States a few years ago. Carolinas to Arizona. WEST COST SMOKEOUT #1 was the destination. A fucking blast is all I can say. I needed the trip real bad at that time. I was in a job that sucked. Looking at a house to buy in a town I don't like. And a ton of other shit. I needed to clear my head badly. This trip did the trick.
One of the bikes broke down and they had to ride into Flagstaff to get a new battery. While waiting for them to return, I rolled my FXR off the road and took a few pics. The other is Mike's 2004 Triumph. He built it and does not care if you like it or not. If you look closly at this one, you can see my bottle of crack in it.Then there is the group of us in Sedona, AZ. I'm not telling you who we are in the pic. Just know that one is from England and all of us are cooler than you. Now go cry yourself to sleep knowing that you will only go as far as the corner for an adventure.

Liquid CRACK

Anyone who knows me, knows I have a problem with an addiction to this shit. Morning, noon, and night. I have stash at Bad Monkey Motor Works, Gear Head Customs, Sprayberry Studios, My shop, work, and any where else I darken the doorstep of. I guess it could be worse. I could be addicted to midget porn, cat farts, toe nail clippings, political correctness, and any other worthless sick shit that is out there. I'm working on breaking my addiction and making new stashes. Magnum Cycles your fridge is next!!


JUDGEMENTAL CYCLES is a PROUD!!!!! sponser of Pat and Max Maximov. Mad Max and Psycho Pat are members of Team Storm Riders in Florida. This band of 2-wheel lunatics will be raising money for MS. In a crappy economy some people are still HARD CORE about helping others out through Blood, Sweat, and Tears. If you don't think bicycling is a hard core sport. Try to ride into a headwind on A1A during Saturday afternoon traffic and survive. The brain dead public driving in SUVs, with Blue Hairs in Cadillacs, and every other ass hole with the windows rolled up talking on the cell phone trying to run you off the road. If one cuts you off and you clamp down on the binders, you'll see blood, sweat and tears. YOUR OWN!
Good on ya! Storm Riders.
Now, if one of you good looking ladies would just let me put a motor on that thing.....
If you want to man up and donate, go over to their website it's a good cause.
Pat, you have come a long way from doing endos, wheelies, and foot plants on my old BMX bike. PROUD OF YA SIS!!!
Yes, Max I made a donation for you too. Oh Yeah Proud of you too.
Team Storm Riders stay safe and keep the rubber side down.

Man, I said proud a lot in this post. Must be getting soft.
PISS OFF!!!! Now I feel better.
Judge Out

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Little Trumpet that Could.

Here are the first pics of my new project. It's a 1968 Triumph TR6R Trophy. Kevin from GEARHEAD CUSTOMS found this one while listening to the radio one day. He went to SC and picked it up for our buddy Kojack. After a month or so Kojack decided that he wanted a Sportster for a project. I got the call and WHAMO!! I have another bike.
The first thing I did was tear off the dirt bike bars and put a set of rusty window pane bars on it. COOL!! Then the seat came off. Looks better. Then the tank came off. Yeah, baby strip for me. UHH SORRY. A few measurements and a plan. Digger style works for me. Kojack is getting a prism tank with the Sporty project. It's mine now. Thanks Kojack.
Kevin and I took a look at her today. Kevin did most of the work ( I don't know shit about Triumphs.) The motor and frame have matching numbers.GOOD. The carbs look like no gas sat in them. GOOD. Top of the pistons are shiny with no carbon on them. GOOD. Rocker arms are clean with no gunk build up. GOOD. Kicks through with good compression. GOOD. Maybe the guy who sold it was shooting straight when he said the motor had been rebuilt before he put the bike up. REAL GOOD and RARE. The welded on hard tail has about 3" of stretch. GOOD. I'm 6' 1" and need some room.
The front end is a Jap one of ailen origin. It and a few other parts will be going to the swap meet this fall. This one will take a little while to complete. I purchased this bike about a week before I found out I needed to buy a house. OH WELL. It's not for sale. I mean houses are all over the place for sale. It's not often you get a $600 Triumph!
The second photo shows little detail. I just thought it looks cool.


Here is my new project being molested by the crazed pit bike racer/wrestler EL GUAPO!! As you can see he has thrown the dreaded figure four ass lock on the frame and is beating the bike into submission. I had to throw a taco dipped in racing fuel to the other side of the garage to help the little Triumph get away.
The Triumph is healing up and will be ready for a rematch at The Smoke Out 11. EL GUAPO will be ready to beat the burritos out of bikes and their riders in the pit bike race this year at the Smoke Out. It won't be pretty. Women, children, and HOG members should not attend this carnaval of chaos.
Of course I mean old, fat, nasty, smelly, disgusting, unemployeed, women should not attend. The hot ones should come by the Bad Monkey tent. If your topless we might give you a free drink. If you are HOT, RICH and EASY. Ask for ED
Oh Yeah more on the bike later.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Where I stand on Cyber Friends!

People have been asking me why I don't have a facebook or my space page. You can catch up with all your old friends I'm told.
So here is my take on it. My Space if for children and pedophiles. Face book is the same except for adults. I have friends and family. I don't need 300 cyber friends to make me feel like I am somebody. If I have not talked to you in 10 to 20 years there is a reason. I DON"T FUCKING CARE ABOUT YOU!! You have either wronged me in some way or live a life I don't want any part of. I don't care about your spawn, mate, life, parents, or existance. It is irrelevant to me. If you feel the need to be forgiven for something in the past, go see a priest. He is used to dealing with the weak. I keep in touch with only those I want to. Now go away I have shit to do and your not invited.

Going nowhere fast?

Here's one that is a few years old. Ian and I set up a dyno shootout at Carolina HD. This one is of me on my roomates bike. I can't remember the HP on this one. Must have been low.