Friday, October 18, 2013

Sunday at Ray Price Harley Davidson

Since I was in Raleigh, a trip to Ray Price HD was mandatory. It's no secret that I really dig Harley Drag Racing and Ray is a long time Harley Davidson Drag Racer and the second floor of his dealership is dedicated to his racing and to some of those he raced with.
 One of his earlier Top Fuel Bikes. Sportster bottom end with a Shovel Top. A Hilborn single throat mechanical fuel injection system supplies the "GO" juice.
 OLD vs NEW. Way to many differences to list. Not often you get to check these machines out side by side. I really wish I could have gotten closer.
 You have to look close at the rocker boxes. Old trick of removing the oil supply and return lines from the top end. Then put a grease fitting in the cross over spot. Grease the top end between rounds, no oil equals less oil returning into the crack case and less on the flywheels. Less parasitic drag means you go faster. Cut a section out of the rocker boxes so you can inspect them between rounds. Cover with a strip of duct tape for the run. Lighter and faster.
 BIG difference in the newer Air Induction Size!
 This was the bike Ray was riding when I fist saw a Top Fuel Harley. Moroso Drag Strip in West Palm Beach, FL. When they used to run in November. 19??????? Fuck I'm getting old.
It was really cool to walk around and see the awards and records Ray earned over the years racing. Some from racing organizations that are no longer around. I'm not sure any are around now after the AHDRA cancelled the 2013 season. 
If your in the Raleigh, NC area stop by and check it out. Top Fuel bikes, busted parts, and racing history. All for FREE. You can't beat that.

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