Monday, October 28, 2013

Iron Lords Car Club Party

Thursday night I received an anonymous tip that something was going down Friday night in Concord. The tipster wouldn't say what it was but assured me that it involved gas, grease, and hot rods.
It turned out to be a gathering of good people and great cars. It was of course the Iron Lords CC after Good Guys car show party.
 Ron finally finished his Buick gasser.
 This 1968 Stingray Corvette sounded real good when it fired up. Cold rubber made it fishtail when leaving.
 As cool as this Scout is, it was too cold to be driving with the top down Friday night.
 Can you say slammed? I knew you could.
 Kenny's new ride.
 When was the last time you saw a Mercury Cyclone with CJ 428 badges?
 Cough, Cough, Chevy with Paint, cough, cough, Kevin, cough.
As I've said before. A good bunch of people with a good bunch of cars.
Thanks to the Iron Lords CC for hosting the party and Thanks to Ron for the invite.

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