Friday, October 4, 2013

Knoxville, TN Operative David reporting in...

With a new business. David has had some rough times recently and has now put all the BS behind him and done something he should have done a long time ago and that's go into business for himself!
If you need anything fixed on two wheels that is pedal power, you couldn't ask for a better guy to work on your ride or build you a custom one.
 He's only been open a few months, but it sounds like business is picking up.
If your in the Knoxville area look him up. He's always got time for friends or customers and can give you a recommendation on where to get some killer eats and drinks. BE sure to ask him about the history of the shop and it's name. It goes back to 1908!
Check him out at:
Knoxville Bicycle Hospital
619 Broadway
Knoxville, TN
Tell him Dirty Ed sent ya.

PS: If your on motorized two wheels there is a rumor of a shop going in the basement soon.

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