Monday, October 14, 2013

Cars and Coffee

It was overcast and drizzling when we arrived at the event. There was a quasi car show from the cars and coffee group. Porsche's from all models and years were represented. I did learn that a few of the guys had spent the last few days at Virgina International Raceway running the track sounds like they had a blast. A track day sounds like fun. 
 A couple of California cars greeted us when we got there. Magnus was walking around but split before I got a chance to talk with him.
 I really like some of the older cars. Not the fully restored trailer cars, but the ones that show the owner really drives it and uses it. If it has a few personal touches from the owner even better. Lets face it no matter if it's 2 wheel or 4 wheels, Stock is BORING!!!
 Streetable race cars rock! This 3.3, twin plugged, 911 sounded great.
 Can you even see out of these mirrors? They do look cool.
 Track rash! I bet it was fun driving on wet roads with race slicks!
That's all from the parking lot. Time to move into the museum.

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