Sunday, February 14, 2010

Good morning campers and ...

racers!!! The P.A. is my alarm clock.
As the sun rises warming my tent. It is time for my morning ritual. I wake and wipe the sleep from my eyes. There are only two things on my mind. Draining my full tank and find something to get the tar out of my mouth that someone has poured in it while I slept.
Engines and grills start up. The smell of race fuel mixed with bacon, oil, and coffee fills the air. Stepping out of my temporary home,I rise and stretch. Surveying the surrounding area. I realize that most of the world will never do any of this. Travel hundreds to thousands of miles. Spend late nights in garages. Spend their last cent on a part. Burn up their vacation to spend it in a loud, noisy, hot camp ground. They are lost and do not know what they are missing.
These are times and places that history is made. Friendships that last a lifetime are forged here. Men and women of strength, courage, and conviction have stood where I am standing now. They were pioneers, the few who did it when the rest said it can't be done. It was done by them on asphalt, dirt, clay, and sand. They were up to the challenge. Not for money or fame. They did it because they had a love for what they were doing. They believed in what they were doing. They helped and were helped by their brothers and sister who believed as well. These people were and are a rare breed. The world could learn at lot from these outcasts.
In the years that come, I will do my morning ritual over and over. I never know what I will be standing on in the morning, but I look forward to the time I will be standing on salt surrounded by those closest to me. Remembering those who were there before us. We will be up to the challenge.
The rest of the world will be sleeping. They will never know what they are missing.

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