Friday, February 26, 2010


Let me start off by saying I'm all for the environment. I live in it and it is in my best interest to keep it clean.
HOWEVER! What I don't like is the enviro-nazi propaganda being spewed out by everyone and their mother, in order to fear people into
going green.
I don't know about you, but I am not so dimwitted that I need to be lectured about
"serious ramifications I'm having on the environment." I don't need some uppity unfocused cunt, bitching at me because I bought a cup a coco in a plastic cup. "That will remain in a landfill for thousands of years." And speaking of landfills. That's what most of these lecturing assholes are! Mental landfills. Eagerly open to any idea dumped into their hollow heads, just as long as it gives them a mightier than thou feeling and a sense of a validated existence.
What's worse is the mass manufactured shirts for like, four year olds. That have phrases like
"GO GREEN" or "STOP GLOBAL WARMING" with the picture of a sweating penguin on it. Way to go! Encourage the purchase of manufactured wearable propaganda, created by child labor, in some third world country, whose factory is spewing out more fumes than a TIRE FIRE!
Thanks, little MS. Soccer mom. Now you can go pick up your
"GO GREEN" apparel wearing brat, in your gas guzzling SUV, but not before you stop by your best friends house and talk about how awesome you are because you recycled your news paper.
And speaking of children. Having kids is the worst thing you can do for the environment. Sure, they're biodegradable, but think about it. You just brought into the world one or two and in some cases twelve, little beings that will consume and waste billions of dollars worth of valuable resources through out their lifetime.
So the next time you go to lecture someone about their abundant use of resources. Take a look at that picture of A.D.D. Freddy or Dow Syndrome Dottie and remember you FUCKED the planet the most. Just because you couldn't keep your legs closed on prom night.
Of course if your really serious about saving the environment, you could always sacrifice your children to The Goddess of Nature! But in all seriousness most people aren't that committed. Which is just LAME!
So until then I don't want to hear SHIT about my FUCKING plastic coco cup. ALRIGHT!!NOTHING!!
On a similar note though. How come environmentalists don't just kill themselves in a mass suicide protest? I mean no one should know more about the impact people have on the planet than they do. RIGHT?! RIGHT!?
If people are causing all the problems. Than logic would dictate we need less people. So, if your an environmentalist and you don't kill yourself, your just being selfish! Just by being alive you are killing the planet. You can't
"GO GREEN" if your breathing. End of discussion! You resource wasting bastards!

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