Sunday, May 20, 2012

9th Annual Charlotte Transporter Show

Held at Hodges Farm in Charlotte, it was between Concord and another event we were heading to, so why not stop and check it out.
The farm was a perfect backdrop for the show and the weather was awesome. Vendors lined up to sell stickers, books, manuals, parts, vintage coolers, and vintage bikes.

The owner of this camper had used a chalk board paint on the lower half and invited everyone to write or draw on it. The bucket next to it is full of chalk.

Why drive a Smart car when you could have this? I have seen pictures of these shortened VW's for years. This is the first one I have seen in person. It was clean and cool. I think this would fit in the bed of my Ford with the tailgate closed.

VW owners have a sense of humor about themselves. It's a good thing too.

This VW double cab truck is more my speed.

Storage under the rear seat and easy to clean out with both doors open. All it needs is a V8, 4 wheel drive, brush guard, a top over the bed and BINGO!!! we have a Zombie Apocalypse survival vehicle. Maybe Not.

Another one that almost made me piss myself.

Clean and simple. This was my favorite of the show.

Projects waiting for new owners. I was amazed that the roof didn't blow off the one on the trailer while being towed. Rust had eaten all the way around the top, that you could see the sky from inside it. You need serious sheet metal and fab skills to get that one back on the road.

About a month back, I posted a pick of Kenny's new van. (See Iron Lords cc Party) Well here it is after being customized by a hit and run driver. They did catch the guy, but it still sucks.

The Piedmont Transporter Owners Club really put on a nice event and a big "THANKS" goes out to them for doing so. I will hit this one again.

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