Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The year of cleaning out!!!!!!!!!

I've moved every three years or so since 1999 and every time I move, I think to myself "Damn I have a lot of shit!" Sure it's organized and in bins on shelves, but there is a lot of shit. I have sold, donated, traded, and trashed a lot of it over the years. Some of I kept for that "One Day, I can use this or I will have a house/garage to display this in." Well this year I told myself "No More!!!"

This year I have spent some time moving other peoples stuff into storage units for them. Weather it's from a relatives house who passed away or someone moving to a smaller house. Seeing and moving all their stuff motivated me to get rid of my own crap. I may have to move for work and I don't want to drag some of this shit around with me any more.

I have made some head way this year by selling stuff I never thought I would ever sell. Records, magazines, clothes, old riding gear, license plates, camping gear, gun parts, car parts, motorcycle parts, tools, comics, collectibles, and anything else I deem unnecessary is going.

I spend almost all of my free time going through boxes, taking pictures, and listing them on forums.
I'm a member of more fucking forums than I care to be, but it's better than paying e-bay listing and sales fees. When it sells, great! When it doesn't, Lower the price and try again. Once one box of shit is sold, grab another and repeat. This year I am getting to the core of what I need.

A buddy of mine once told me he lived out of a duffel bag for four years. I may not get to that extreme, but I will get close to it.
So, this year I may not post a lot of riding or wrenching, but I am getting shit done while I look for a job.

Pictures are not mine. They are from The Garage Journal Forum. From the Grunge Garage thread.
That dude has a real problem.


  1. Damn, and here I was thinking of how I was going to get that nice Black & Decker drill press from you. You're a dirty tease Ed.

  2. Don't have a B&D drill press, but I do have one from the old fab shop at Carolina. $100 is what I paid for it. Yours for the same price, but you gotta come get it. That thing is fucking heavy!!!!