Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Spare Parts / Never Late

The next few posts will focus on a man busting his ass. Kevin at Gear Head Customs. He has had a full shop full of friends bikes and mini bikes. Busting his ass all day with his day job just to come back to a shop full of slobs like me. The Smokeout is Hours away and his bike is the one that is not running. Sucks. Anyone who has turned a wrench professionaly knows what that feels like.
Spare Parts is a Triumph that Kevin chopped a few years age. Cool little machine. The jockey shift handle is an old screw driver handle. It is covered with what his wife called glitter we call it metal flake. This one might not make it to the Smokeout. I for one am bummed about it.
Never Late is his FXR. I did some motor work to this one awhile back. He seems happy about it. the paint was done by Kojack. Paint by Rusty laid down the green. Looks good but, is a bad luck color on a bike to me. This one will make it to the Smokeout and anywhere eles he wants to go.
Hope you can make it to the pre party bash Kevin!

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