Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hippies Suck!

Peace loving idiots who think that hugging a tree and not bathing helps the world. These wastes of sperm tell you to "chill out" and "Hit a dobbie". Fuckin idiots! Tie Dye sucks almost as much as that peturli or what ever that shit is called they slather over their bodies. That shit stinks!! Nothing but a bunch of teenage fools thinking they are anti-establishment. Fucking posers.Fat grls who can't get laid with anyone who isn't a subhuman loser. These fuckers need to wash their feet and get aggro about anything. Quit asking me for a magic ticket and a PBJ sandwhich. Take a bath, realize the 60's are gone and not comming back and yo missed them. Then do something worth while like kill yourself.
That's my verdict and I'm sticking to it!
Judge out.
This sign says alot. Two of the shops I go to have this in or on the building. There is no back door, just a hole to bury stinking hippies!

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