Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Here Kitty Kitty Kitty

Turned on the AC in my truck today. The smell of cat piss came out of the vents! I have seen the little fucker running around the compund a few times. The guy up the road feeds these wild cats to keep them around. He says it keeps the mince down in his barn.
If I see that little hairball pissing or spraying my truck, I'm taking out the kitty blaster and taking him out.
Furball no more!!!!


  1. When you are done, come down south and take out the fucking cats that are hanging around the office, along with the racoon that comes out during the day. Aren't racoons supposed to be nocturnal?

  2. Would that weapon take out a monkey?

  3. My Colt did the monkey in.

    Racoons in the day light are bad news. AKA Rabid. Call animal control to take care of that one. The a blaster is noisy and might bring out other animals in blue. Not much fun there.