Tuesday, May 12, 2009


LAST POST BEFORE WE HIT THE ROAD. The bike is serviced. No, I didn't get to change the forks. I know I still have a blown fork seal. I don't have time now. 5:30am comes quick. The plan is to leave work early and hit the road around 3pm. Spider Monkey Mike and I will try to hook up with Termite and English John on the way to the PreSmokeout Bash at The Bad Monkey Compound. Bill, Kevin, Kojack, and Meggen will make it later. Work, Party, Ride, Party, Race, Party, Go Home, and start planning for next year.
Tommy , Sniper Bill and the BW boys are on there way back from Smokeout West in AZ. Roadside and Kat are coming up from FL. Bacon is not gonna make it. FUCKIN BUMMER. He plans on seeing us later in the year. We really need to plan a ride up to Canada and see him.
Till we return here is a pic from last years mini bike race. Just before the mayhem started.
Judge Out!!!

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