Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Little Trumpet that Could.

Here are the first pics of my new project. It's a 1968 Triumph TR6R Trophy. Kevin from GEARHEAD CUSTOMS found this one while listening to the radio one day. He went to SC and picked it up for our buddy Kojack. After a month or so Kojack decided that he wanted a Sportster for a project. I got the call and WHAMO!! I have another bike.
The first thing I did was tear off the dirt bike bars and put a set of rusty window pane bars on it. COOL!! Then the seat came off. Looks better. Then the tank came off. Yeah, baby strip for me. UHH SORRY. A few measurements and a plan. Digger style works for me. Kojack is getting a prism tank with the Sporty project. It's mine now. Thanks Kojack.
Kevin and I took a look at her today. Kevin did most of the work ( I don't know shit about Triumphs.) The motor and frame have matching numbers.GOOD. The carbs look like no gas sat in them. GOOD. Top of the pistons are shiny with no carbon on them. GOOD. Rocker arms are clean with no gunk build up. GOOD. Kicks through with good compression. GOOD. Maybe the guy who sold it was shooting straight when he said the motor had been rebuilt before he put the bike up. REAL GOOD and RARE. The welded on hard tail has about 3" of stretch. GOOD. I'm 6' 1" and need some room.
The front end is a Jap one of ailen origin. It and a few other parts will be going to the swap meet this fall. This one will take a little while to complete. I purchased this bike about a week before I found out I needed to buy a house. OH WELL. It's not for sale. I mean houses are all over the place for sale. It's not often you get a $600 Triumph!
The second photo shows little detail. I just thought it looks cool.

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