Sunday, April 19, 2009


Here is my new project being molested by the crazed pit bike racer/wrestler EL GUAPO!! As you can see he has thrown the dreaded figure four ass lock on the frame and is beating the bike into submission. I had to throw a taco dipped in racing fuel to the other side of the garage to help the little Triumph get away.
The Triumph is healing up and will be ready for a rematch at The Smoke Out 11. EL GUAPO will be ready to beat the burritos out of bikes and their riders in the pit bike race this year at the Smoke Out. It won't be pretty. Women, children, and HOG members should not attend this carnaval of chaos.
Of course I mean old, fat, nasty, smelly, disgusting, unemployeed, women should not attend. The hot ones should come by the Bad Monkey tent. If your topless we might give you a free drink. If you are HOT, RICH and EASY. Ask for ED
Oh Yeah more on the bike later.

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