Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Go there on 2 wheels.

OK, I am jumping on the band wagon. Bad Monkey Motor Works has been posting photos from trips. Now it's my turn.
We jammed across these great United States a few years ago. Carolinas to Arizona. WEST COST SMOKEOUT #1 was the destination. A fucking blast is all I can say. I needed the trip real bad at that time. I was in a job that sucked. Looking at a house to buy in a town I don't like. And a ton of other shit. I needed to clear my head badly. This trip did the trick.
One of the bikes broke down and they had to ride into Flagstaff to get a new battery. While waiting for them to return, I rolled my FXR off the road and took a few pics. The other is Mike's 2004 Triumph. He built it and does not care if you like it or not. If you look closly at this one, you can see my bottle of crack in it.Then there is the group of us in Sedona, AZ. I'm not telling you who we are in the pic. Just know that one is from England and all of us are cooler than you. Now go cry yourself to sleep knowing that you will only go as far as the corner for an adventure.

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