Monday, July 14, 2014

Shop time.

A few days after the Fathers Day River Run it was time to get to work. Dan had taken in a few bikes for me to work on.

First up was this stroked 93" Shovelhead that kept blowing oil past the motor sprocket seal. I changed the seal and took it for a test ride. No good. I would check, change, or fix something and then ride it. The oil continued to leak.

 Cell phone pic when I ran the tanks dry. Zack had to bring me some gas so I could get my fat ass out of the sun. After a few days it was time to let this one sit while I worked on something else.

 Next up is a perfect example of when a good deal isn't always a good deal. He got it cheap but.... Change Oil and filter - check. Change front tire - check. Wire new tail light with blinkers on and check over the rest - ffffuuuuccckkkkkkkk. During the initial quick check over I discovered there were 11 broken spokes on the rear wheel. Replacing those and truing the rim took a little while. 
I would write a list of issues that I would find. Call the customer and get his OK to do the repairs and order the parts. Then find more issues while fixing the original items.
 Dan and I figured it was time to pull the engine out of the Shovelhead. Two hours later, it looked like this.
 I had no TV, cable, dish,or internet. So, after dinner I decided to take advantage of the cool evening and burn a little midnight oil.
 Time for me to get some sleep. I left the rocker boxes, heads, and cylinders together. This will save time when reassembled.
 The bearing race that is pressed in the left side case proved to be the reason for the leak. Time for new cases. I would have put an enclosed wet primary on instead, but chopper guys like that open belt.
Enough parts came in for me to finish enough issues on the Softail that I could take it for a test ride. A very short test ride.Yep, more issues were found. Loose neck bearings, a rear wheel that would not stay in place due to a missing axle adjuster and no rear brakes.
 After I drained the cloudy greenish fluid out of the master cylinder this is what I found.
I flushed out the master cylinder, lines, fittings, and caliper. Here is what the final product looked like and the brakes worked properly. The Softail and Shovelhead were still waiting on parts when I left Texas. I hate leaving jobs unfinished.
I finished a few small jobs while I was there but these two gave me nightmares.

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