Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Born Free 6

I had been at DC Choppers about a week when a call came into the shop from the organizers of Born-Free. They had a spot for DC Choppers if we wanted it.  The problem was the show started in 8 days, it would take 2.5 days to get there and we were waiting on material to finish a new batch of mid-controls. The plan changed several times over the next 24 hours. Who was going, who was staying, is anyone not going, what are we taking...
In the end I opted to stay in Texas and watch the shop and animals while the rest of the team went to Born-Free.

 Dan trying to get as much done as possible before hitting the road to California.
 Dan had a few engines to finish before the Born-Free show. One of the Panhead engines was going to be delivered the customer in California.
 I had to pick up stainless steel as soon as it arrived in Austin. I passed the Austin Ferrari dealership a couple of times that day. I would have liked to stop and checked it out, but the sign on the door said no fat, sweaty, broke guys named Dirty.
 Zack banged out as much as he could before hitting the road. He and Dan finished the mid-controls at Rico's shop in CA the day before the show.
 Zack getting the Klu Klux Pan ready for the road. Move the sissy bar, install a bigger fuel tank, install new Pan covers, etc... Take a close look at that sissy bar.
Dan finished one Panhead and one Evo before leaving.
 Dan rode the shop bike to California. OF course that was after he wired a tail light, head light, changed the sissy bar, front tire and wheel, handle bars, etc...
A week later the crew arrived back at the shop with the trophy for the Best Knucklehead.
Congrats guys.

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