Saturday, July 12, 2014

Fathers Day Ride

After the ROT Rally was over, photographer Micheal Lichter had a ride set up on Sunday with Dan at DC Choppers. The first and possibly only Fathers Day Run at DC choppers was going to be a ride we all would remember.
 Paul's Panhead built by DC Choppers.
 Morgan's Shovel that he got running the day before the ride.
"U" Flathead whose name I have for gotten.
 Chris's Shovel built by DC Choppers.
 Panhead whose owner I can't remember.
 Bikes from the Vise Grips MC.
 More bikes from the Vise Grips MC.
 Pete's Panhead (front/left) and Wayne's Panhead ( behind/right)

So with Lichter riding on the back of a bagger we set off on some back roads around Spicewood, TX.
We made it about 10 miles from the shop when we hit a spot in the road that had water flowing over it. Due to the recent storms a mini river had formed and the roadway underneath was as slick as ice. Dan, Chris, Carlos, and Lichter ended up on the ground with their bikes and passengers.
I ended up riding back and getting the shop truck, picking up Chris and his bike and Dan's wife Felice.
 A loose battery cable fixed Chris's bike.
 The Petruzzi survived the accident with bent handlebars and a few scratches.
 I think we got lucky, nobody was seriously injured or had to go the hospital and all bikes involved sustained only minor damage.
The FXR after about a year in hibernation. Ready for a service and some Texas miles.

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