Sunday, April 1, 2012

Will wrench for parts!

I went by Long John's on Friday to drop off a poster and fliers for the Smokeout #13.
I also happened to have some fork tubes I needed to swap over for the FXR, just in case he was slow and would let me use a few air tools.

The next thing I knew it was,
" Ed would you change out the turn signal module on that Wide Glide."
" Ed go see if you can fix that idiots bike before he pulls it off the trailer."
" Ed this one needs a full service."
"Ed here's the phone, I gotta run an errand."
And on and on!!!!
By the time I got to swap the fork tubes the shop had been closed for half an hour.
All bikes were fixed and picked up, so John could go ride to the mountains for the weekend.
I got my forks swapped over, had a free lunch, and was told my new rear tire would be in on Tuesday.
And the tire was on the house!
It's been almost 4 years since I wrenched in a shop.
It was fun to do it again.
Hey, John! I need tires for my '82 FXR project!
Good times with Good friends!

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  1. You're a whore Ed. A dirty, motorcycle wrenching whore. That is all.