Tuesday, March 20, 2012

South Florida.

Since I was going to be in Daytona. It would be a good time to head another 240 miles south and take care of some business and see some friends.

My home in South Florida.

You can't beat accommodations like this. Fridge full of booze, couch to sleep on, pool table, tv, music, and a pisser out back (tree).

Marley the 100lb plus yellow lab and expert lizard hunter. Marley loves to jump in the pool, walk through the nearest sand, then jump on you for some scratching.
Watch your white shirts.

I was blown away when Bill and Pat showed up. It has been about 5 years since the three of us have been together.

The weather at night was just cool enough for a fire.
We stayed up till 3am catching up.

Marley couldn't take it and crashed out on my bed.

Dr. Zoidburg is now 2 and getting huge!!!

A BIG Thanks!! to:
 Joe and family for letting me crash out at there place.
Bill and Pat for coming out to see me.
Dave and Jake for stopping by to hang out and pick up the engine hoist.
Bill McGraw for lunch.

Sorry I couldn't see everyone. I needed to get back for work.
Unfortunately, the work offer was a bust and I should have stayed a few more days.

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