Thursday, March 1, 2012

Book Report

The Fat Mexican
The Bloody Rise of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club
This is the second book by Alex Caine published in 2009.
If you read as many books or watch as many documentaries on motorcycle clubs as I do, then you already know about 80% of what is written in this book.
Although Cain had infiltrated the Bandidos MC for threeyears, little of that info is used in this book.
In this book, information on the club is taken from websites, published articles some public, some for LEO,and interviews with his "sources"..
This book does paint a decent picture of the Shedden massacre of 2006, by using information obtained from an informant, police investigator, and a club member, all of who are very questionable. So, who knows how accurate it is.
It does mention arrests and deals being made for the massacre, but was published before the outcome of the trial.
Not a bad read, just not a great one, but good enough to make me look for his first book.
My advice is buy it used.

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