Sunday, January 1, 2012

Fred Bear.

"I remember Papa Bear" by Dick Lattimer.
Fred Bear is to archery as Sam Colt is to pistols, or
Carol Shelby is to Mustang, or Richard Petty is to NASCAR, or
well you get the idea.
Focusing more on his business and less about Fred's Personal life.
I enjoyed this one.
From a part time business to a manufacturer and world wide distributor of archery equipment, this book covers his hunts, promotions, patents, clubs, associations, taxes, conservation efforts, unions, moving the company, and even has a chapter about NASA.
Fred thought outside the box and was always looking forward. He was a mentor, friend, and father figure to many who knew him. Ted Nugent fell into this category and wrote about Fred in his books as well as producing a song about Fred after his death.
"I remember Papa Bear" will go into my collection of books to keep and reread.

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